Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...and I might even go back tomorrow!

Business first:

Marygrove has posted a blog post by me about Bucket Filling. I hope you'll read it and leave a comment... I'll love you forever! They are also doing a bucket filling linky party. I'm not going to introduce bucket filling until I see what everyone who links up has to say about making the most out of it! So please head over and share your ideas!


What a whirlwind today was! It was the fastest first day in my six years of first days. Wow. My kiddos are great! I looooove having my first graders from last year again as 2nd graders and my new crew of firsties are pretty awesome too! One said today, "Do you want to know what the worst part about today is"? And... yes... I did because I thought it was going well! And she said, "The worst part about today is that we have to go home"! Love it! Anyway, it was a great day... and I might even go back tomorrow! ;)

Here's a rundown of the day:

*organizing mountains of supplies
*practicing classroom routines
*making necklaces
*taking cowboy pictures (They are super cute... we put bandannas over our mouths and noses and wore cowboy hats... I printed the pictures out and can't tell who is who!)
*making WANTED posters
*recess and lunch
*1 round of Daily Five... we did "Read to Self" for 3 minutes and could have gone longer but we had art!
*made our first Snazzy Snack
*went to music
*learned about the clip chart and HORSE folders

There is SO much more we didn't get to today!

BUT... we did name the gerbil! Her name is Lily as voted on by the kiddos.

Tomorrow's agenda...

*do something related to math
*write something!
*school-wide behavior expectations in each location of the school
*and making the "WOW SCHOOL!" class book which you can snag here!
*actually get to the calendar routine! What a bad teacher I am! I got home and my husband was talking to me about the weather and I realized we didn't do calendar today! Shame on me! AND none of my kiddos from last year remembered either!

I hope everyone else who headed back today had a good day too! And if you've been back for a while, hopefully it's still smooth sailing! Don't forget about my giveaway either! I do have a dentist appointment tomorrow that I forgot about until I got my reminder from my phone (thanks Evo!)... it's right after school, but 30 minutes away and then I'm having dinner with my friendie after that... so I'll do my best to announce the winner tomorrow as promised. BUT... if I don't make it home early enough it might not be until Thursday!

Ok. Enough rambling. I'm going to print out some things I need and veg out for the rest of the night!


  1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm looking forward to another good one tomorrow and SO hoping that today was not just a honeymoon! :)


  2. Love your energy!!!!!!! And here's to no honeymooning and a long lasting marriage with you and your kiddos!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I am so glad you had a great first day! I ALWAYS forget stuff on the first day. There is just so much to do. It's our third week of school and I kinda sorta almost did a regular day of instruction....today! lol I say kinda sorta almost because we are on day 12 of Daily 5 and I did launch "Read to Partner" and instead of "Work on Writing" we planned a writing piece to display at open house, which is next Tuesday. Oh well! There's always tomorrow!!


  4. We are into week 3.
    So glad you had a great start. :)


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