Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love you, Donor's Choose!

This summer I had four projects funded on Donor's Choose and the materials for three of them arrived today!

We got...

Geometry, measurement, and graphing activities for our math workstations!

The first two sets of "Math Start" books (for some reason, my picture won't load... so that pic is from the Lakeshore Learning Website)

And... everyone's favorite was this box full of classroom board games! So many kids haven't played "Operation" or "Guess Who" which were mainstays for me and my sister when we were younger! And what a fun way to develop social skills for my kiddos... what could be better than learning how to take turns and lose gracefully while pulling a plastic funny bone out of a man's elbow all while Linkbeing terrified his nose will light up and he'll buzz at you?!

My 4th project that got funded is for tons of "boy" books for my library! I'm hoping those will be coming any day now!

I have had 22 projects funded in all since 2008! You can check out my Donor's Choose page by clicking here to see some of the things I've gotten for my classroom! :) I currently have one project up for some science materials but I have tons of "points" left and would love to get something else up there. What things have you had success with? What are some of your favorites that you've gotten? I'd love to hear about it... especially if you have tips for funding! I have a very generous friend who greatly supports learning in my classroom on Donor's Choose... but I'd love to hear other ways to get funded too!


  1. I just recently had a project funded as well! I am waiting on it to arrive! =)

  2. Congratulations! That's really awesome! And will come in handy for those work stations. I'm curious to how you are able to get grants funded so well--I had one going for the summer and barely got any donors--Do you have any suggestions on how to get more donors?

  3. That is awesome! I had a project several years ago and had a hard time getting donors. What is the best way? Would love some tips! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. I think that is just fantastic!! I too have danced w/ the idea of Donor Choose but I am afraid I am not a great writer! Any tips!!??

    Sarah Hetrick

  5. I've only had one HUGE project funded for my rug and easel. Lakeshore met us halfway which helped out a lot. I got a lot of good ideas from looking at other teachers' donors choose pages. I need to put one up again! Is there anyway to get an iPad/iPod??

  6. I ve had incredible success with donorschoose..i have had 25 projects funded since joining last year. A lot of my success has,come from taking advantage of match opportunities. I have several favorites including our,rug, our classroom tables, tag readers and tag books to name afew. I have also been able to add to our classroom library tgrough donorschoose!


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