Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What We Did Today... And a Plea for Ideas to Keep My Students SANE!

...it was such a Tuesday today!

We did our best, but the threat of losing our snow, getting tons of rain, still having another week and a half before break, and Christmas around the corner make Room 10 a craaaaazy place to be right now!

However, we did do part 1 of our parent gifts today... a totally Pinterest inspired project:

This was super easy! Each kid used acrylic paint to do several thumb prints on their ornament. Before they arrived today, I used a white paint pen to write their name and "2011" on the bottom of each. I also attached the ribbon. Then, this afternoon, they drew the antlers, eyes, and smiles on with a black Sharpie and we used red glitter acrylic paint for the noses. They used Q-tips to put those on. Then I sprayed them with Mod Podge sealer when they were dry! They turned out super cute!

PS- that is a laundry drying rack that I bought at Wal-Mart for about $7.00. Each kid has a clothespin with their "number" on it and we hang out art to dry from the rack! Today we hung our ornaments after we painted them... worked PERFECTLY!

AND... I found this website a few weeks ago on someone's blog... so I signed up and we did the dinosaur adventure today. It was a welcome way to get our energy out, learn a little about dinosaurs, and get some exercise too. I even did it with my kiddos... and admit it was a little bit of a workout! You should check it out. It's free and fun!

How are you all keeping your students sane...? Or are they all crazy right now? When are you done for the year? We go until the 22nd, which seems terrible BUT I'm really looking forward to not starting back until mid-January! Having so much time after Christmas and New Years to relax and enjoy will be wonderful!'

Thanks, Finally in First, for hosting a linky party about student Christmas gifts!


  1. Thanks for the ideas...we go all the way to December 23rd, which will be a half day, but oh my goodness...it's going to be CRAZY!

  2. Love the drying rack idea!

    My kiddos are a little insane too, but actually not too bad. We're done Friday!! Good luck making it til next week :)

  3. So cute!! Thanks for joining my linky party!
    FInally in First

  4. Adventure to Fitness rocks my world!!!! We do it when we have inside recess or if I notice that they are being especially crazy. Even if we do it throughout the day, 5 minutes at a time, they LOVE it! It worked out especially great last week, because we're in the middle of our communities unit and the theme was New York City! So we talked about how it was urban. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  5. It looks really fun! Can you sign for an account if your school isn't listed there?


  6. My kids are just plain nuts this week! We do a brain break between reading and social studies and this week we've done cherry pickers and tooty ta.....anything to get them up and moving his helpful. We don't get out until the 22nd, and then we have to work one day during break (probably the second), then PDC on the 3rd and students on the 4th. The teachers only get a 7 day break this year :(

  7. I teach technology to K-5 and I can say a big "AMEN" to the idea that they are going crazy! They are so excited for Christmas they can hardly stand it! By the way, those ornaments are super cute! Gotta love Pinterest!

  8. You'll have to look at my post today- it will save you! (Just like Adventure to Fitness!)

    Rowdy in First Grade

  9. Just trying to cover the basics so I can fit in some Christmas fun! We go until the 22nd too. Start back on January 2nd :( Not much of a break! Happy holidays!

  10. Hi Christina- I don't know if you will read this, but I just wanted to say that you are such and inspiration. You are not only creative, you are also generous with your ideas and it's so apparent that you love teaching. I am so happy that I found your blog. It's like a shot in the arm. Have a wonderful holiday! Julie

  11. Thank you so much, Julie! :) Yours words of encouragement are just what I needed on this Friday morning... at the end of a LONG week with another one to go before break! :)

    Enjoy your holiday!


  12. Enjoy your break. Check out my TpT giveaway at ateachersbagoftricks.blogspot.com It's an easy one!

  13. I am hoping that Adventure to Fitness tip came from me! Regardless, we love the site too!


  14. I just wanted to say that I did the Dream Snow writing project last week with my 2nd graders and it was wonderful! My kids were so excited about it. In fact, I was going to hang them in the hall but the kids practically begged me to let them take the project home! I've had that book for 6-7 years and it's so nice to have a good project to go with it. Thanks!

  15. SLOW MODE! That's the cue I always find myself waiting to hear when I do the video with the kids. Work shoes are not as forgiving as sneakers when "Mega Mode" hits and the kids are going nuts- pushing themselves to grow in their endurance. Adventure to fitness is a great program, I agree. The class is benefiting from it (and might I add that I, too, am gaining a lot from either the extra time for planning or for exercise). Great post.


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