Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Action Verbs Project... Too Cool!

Literally too cool. Because it's about winter. Ok. Now I'm explaining puns to you like you're 1st and 2nd graders. Sorry! :)

This weekend is the webinar at Marygrove in Detroit. I'm getting super excited! We did our final walk-through today and I think we're really sharing some outstanding information! Unfortunately, the webinar is full, but they are having sign-ups to watch it later "on demand". You can click the green button on the right of my blog to sign-up for that if you'd like!

So, tomorrow my husband and I are heading to Detroit. Webinar on Saturday and Lions game on Sunday! I can't WAIT to be at the game! You can watch for me... we're in the third row behind the goal in the middle! Go Lions!!!!!

Because of the busy weekend, I'm not sure if I'll be back on until next week. So I wanted to leave you with one of the coolest projects I've done in a few years.

This just kind of fell together yesterday. I knew I was going to take pictures of my students wearing all of their snow gear and each kid would pose as if they were doing a winter activity. Then we'd print them out and they would write a sentence to tell about the winter action verb they were doing in the picture.

But then I realized we needed backgrounds. So I went to Kerpoof's "Make a Picture" activity and printed 4 of each of the 7 winter backgrounds. In color. That's right. COLOR.

Then each of my kids posed in the hallway and we went to the lab where they occupied themselves for 10-minutes so I could print their pictures.

We went back to our rooms and I started explaining the idea of the project:

1.) Choose a background. Now we have 20 kids and there are 28 backgrounds. But here's what that means, there are only 4 of each one. So pick a first and a second and a third choice. No, you aren't picking three backgrounds... you're picking the three you like the best so that if you don't get your first choice you can have one of your others.

2.) CAREFULLY cut out your posed "you". Yes I know it's difficult cutting. If you cut your foot off, it's ok. There's kid tape over on the writing table. Yes. I know. It's difficult, but I know you can do it. Don't say "I can't", say "I'll try". Well, of course you'll cut your head off if you have that attitude. Just promise you'll do your very best. It's going to look awesome!

3.) Glue your "you" onto your scene. You can add some details if you draw them first on white paper, color, and cut them out.

4.) Next you need to... OH MY GOSH! WAIT! YOU GUYS! This will be SO AWESOME!

Here's me, running to my closet and feverishly tossing out everything to find the one thing that I hope will be there.

And... there... it... is.

My "frame" paper from Melissa and Doug.

4.) Next you need to glue your background onto this frame. I know! Now it looks like a REAL picture!!!!!

5.) Last, add your details and then, finish the sentence and glue your blue burst on the top of your frame.

Commence the quiet music. And 45-minutes of kids working so hard to make the coolest looking thing ever.

And then, the final products started rolling out...

Love the sled... he even cut out little holes so his hands could hold on to something!

This ice skating one turned out perfectly!

She's building a snowman!

She's throwing a snowball!

This little guy is snowboarding... notice the destroyed snowman that he has just snowboarded through!

We've gotten OODLES of compliments on them and other kids just want to know how my kids were actually at these places! ;)

Here's a burst for you below. We loved this project and I hope you and your kiddos will too!


  1. So cool....can't wait to use it!

  2. Man, I wish I lived somewhere it snowed so I could use this. I think I'll make this for spring or summer. Florida's perfect for doing things outside in the WATER during those seasons!

    Thanks for the awesome idea! Enjoy the game!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  3. HA!! That is so neat!! But um....we live in FL! lol...wait - that would be so FUN to do for us Floridians...and I'm tellin' ya, 99% of my kids have NEVER seen snow - but wouldn't it look great with all of our tank tops on?? lol!
    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  4. Oh my gosh, this is the coolest idea! I am so impressed by your students' creativity. They did such a fabulous job adding to their photos. Thank you so much for passing along this idea!

  5. Wow! This is amazing! I love the finished products. Thanks for sharing! I am pinning this for sure.

    Swimming into Second

  6. OMG Christina...this is too cute!! I would love to do this with my kids but I don't know that we have that much winter garb to wear to school. Maybe in January and I can prep them ahead of time...In the mean time, I need to find some of that frame paper. Any ideas on where to find some? Thanks for all of your inspiration! Best of luck and have fun in Detroit!

  7. Love your winter scenes! I might have to be a copycat! :)

  8. These are adorable! I did something similar using a great photo editing website called Aviary. The children cut themselves out of a photo and put themselves into their dream vacation spot and had to write about it. Love that idea!

  9. Hey Christine!
    Please pop over to my classroom blog
    to see your wonderful idea being copied (happily/creatively/thankfully)
    by a Gr. 2/3 combined class in Alberta, Canada!
    Thanks for your inspiration and devotion to sharing with others!


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