Saturday, December 22, 2012

Attention iPadders!

That's right, I made up a new word... iPadders!

I am typing this post from the Blogger app on an iPad!

Santa brought the teachers at my district iPads and I would love to know your favorite teaching related apps... Please leave me a comment to let me know what I should invest in for my classroom!



  1. Definitely follow Richard Byrne (of Free Tech 4 Teachers)'s new blog I did a short series on iPad apps back in July. Go to the tech label and scroll back to July. I need to revisit/update that series, though. Plans for that in 2013!

    PS Are you allowed to buy apps and put them on your district device? That's actually pretty cool. We're not. Have to jump through a bunch of hoops. The only reason I can put paid apps on my district device is because I have access to "bookfair" funds as the school librarian. "Regular" teachers don't have that option. What the school buys them or NADA. Don't even get the download code to get freebies. :[

  2. Can't wait to see what all you learn so you can pass it on to us! I am supposed to be getting some ipads for my class.
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Oh wow! Santa was sure nice to the teachers at your school! I do not have any specific recommendations, but I've been compiling a list of resources on Pinterest in case Santa ever visits my school! Here's the link: Can't wait to see how you use the iPad with your students!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. I am a teacher if first grade and I have a few paid apps that my district bought last year. Have not been able to get paid apps this year. I have asked but no luck so free apps is all that I use.

    Paid Apps:
    Teach Me 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and K (each app is its own app)
    Zaner Bloser Handwriting
    Sail Through Math (usually paid app but now through the rest of the month its free) McGraw Hill

    Free Apps
    Skool Bo- My kids love this app- they get to race each other.
    Any StoryChimes
    Learning A-Z is a free app that you can tie into your reading a-z account if you have one.
    Rover- is a kid friendly browser

    My daughter is playing on my iPad and won't let me see it for a few minutes (totally fair at this point right now) I will add more as I remember them.

  5. Oh yes Futiba is a favorite too (free)
    Story Buddy
    Sock Puppet (a favorite for writing)
    Marble Math (a favorite in Math)

  6. apps gone free

    it tells you everyday what apps are free, lots of educational ones here and there... as well as fun!


  7. I only have my personal, but we are each getting one for assessing mClass since our labtops are POS's. So I guess that works out! PS-I HATE blogger for iPad! I hate I can only put pics at the bottom of posts-it annoys me to no end.
    On a teaching note, if you can DL what you won't {though I figure you can't} get ifont maker! there are also free books if you do some searching.

  8. I'm curious how people use their iPads in their classroom. I have one, but haven't made good use of it yet.

  9. How wonderful! I second Alexandra's recommendation for Teach Me 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and K. You also need to follow They review a ton of apps as well as highlight a "free app of the day" each day. I can't tell you how many wonderful apps I've found through them. Also, Dr. Seuss apps are 40-80% off through 12/29. I recently downloaded several books for only 99 cents.

  10. Hi Christina,

    I wrote a grant and received 30 ipads to be shared in our three first grade classroom. The grant also included 600 dollars for apps. It has been such a wonderful addition to our first grade program. I'm sure you will love them. Lots of the apps mentioned above are ones I like. Apps gone free and smart apps for kids are definite downloads. In addition to those I like hungry guppy, millie stories, splash math, brain pop, doodle buddy, number rack, ten frame fill, itranslate, pick me, too noisy pro, TourWrist, Educreations, edmodo, pocket zoo, common core, and many more. Please email me if you have any questions. You have been so generous with your ideas I would love to reciprocate if I could. Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Julie-
      How and where did you did you find that grant? I am a new teacher and we need technology in our school.

  11. Congrats!
    My favorite student apps are Splash Math, Storia, Hungry Monster Build a Word, Fluency, Hungry Fish, Math Regrouping, Column Addition, and Column Subtraction.

    My favorite teacher apps are Class Dojo (I use it for management), Dropbox (easy way to get files to your ipad), and Splashtop (let's me control my computer from anywhere in class so I can walk around while using the Promethean board).

    Have fun exploring!

  12. I (and my students) just love using the iPad in our classroom. Here are a few that we use quite often:
    --Brain Pop Jr.-Movie of the Week (free)
    --Read Me Stories-Children's books (free)
    --Hot Dots Jr. (don't remember if it's free)
    **I have to say that Hot Dots Jr. is a WONDERFUL app!!! I just
    recently downloaded it, but it has been used very often. apps (mostly free) for individual skills
    **Little Speller (free) from Grasshopper Apps is a favorite of mine.
    Students create 3 letter words by looking at a picture (real life
    graphics) and hearing the word spoken.

    Hope this helped you out. You are going to LOVE your classroom iPad!!

  13. Get the app "AppsGoneFree" It gives you updates everyday of educational apps that are free. I've acquired some great apps for free this way!


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