Thursday, December 6, 2012

Look What Came Today and a Fun Linky!

A few months ago I had four tables funded on Donor's Choose and they finally arrived!!!

So, here what it looks like from behind my table now... (don't mind the cans!  We're having a food drive!)

And here's the view from the door.

I love them!  My kiddos were so excited too!  Now what are my little hoarders going to do without a desk to shove things in?  You would not believe the things I found in some desks today... or maybe you would.

Which leads me to my linky party...

When I was a 1st year teacher, I had a little friend who had a passion.  And this friend found a way to turn every assignment into something about his passion.  Poems about it.  Math story problems, research projects, every drawing and painting... EVERYTHING.  Which is good, right?  Unless the passion is a squid.

And now you can see where I'm going with this story.

Yes, friends, in the spring of 2007, we finally, after months of putting it off because this gal hates doing it, finally my first little crew of 2nd grade friends got to clean out their desks.

So, I guess I was asking for it by making a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds go for months on end without cleaning out their desks.

We began the horrible task when, suddenly, said friend pulled a styrofoam meat tray wrapped in cellophane from his desk.  Oh the excitement!  The dead squid he had gotten from the store and showed for show-and-tell several months before... finally found and recovered from the depths of that desk.

Of course, he had to pull back the cellophane to see his beloved friend and... well, yeah.  Gross!

You would think I would have learned a lesson.  But I hate cleaning out desks!  The year after that- a starfish stunk up a desk for a few weeks before it was recovered and taken home and today... ugh.

Glad I have tables now!

So, please share!  What's the craziest thing you've found in a student's desk?  Can you top a squid?  Grab the button, link up and tell me!  :)


  1. I can honestly say I have not found a squid in a desk yet, but last year I wondered if one of my students was secretly a hamster. I found lots of shredded up paper in his desk.

  2. Oh, how disgusting! We clean ours every Monday morning. And trade seats each month, which in itself prevents too many treasures building up inside!

    Lockers, however, I check only before Christmas and the end of the year. And one of my little friends "found" all his missing textbooks and library books, but they were all moldy from getting soaked. Somehow. I made him get them out and throw them straight into the trash bin!

  3. I pulled out a half-eaten, petrified Egg McMuffin.

  4. A partially eaten cookie, a mound of crayon paper wrappers (looked like a mouse next), a half eaten candy bar, and items of personal value to other students (sticky fingers) are among some of the highlights! One time a little guy wouldn't take his hands out of his desk, so I insisted and out came chocolate dripping fingers on both hands! He had held two chocolate Santas from home in his hands until they melted! Great topic for a post!


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