Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday in Pictures... Come and See! And a Big Ol' Have You Seen THIS?

That is what we did today... used the thesauruses we got from Donor's Choose to do a synonym search!  It was so much fun... and I loved listening to the conversations as students looked up words and used their new reference tools!

And on to CHRISTMAS!

The stockings are hung on the closet door with care...

I've been doing these "stockings" for several years now.  Students decorate a stocking with their name on it and glue it to a paper bag.  I ask families to donate enough small items for each kid to get one and then we open these at our Christmas party!  It's always a hit!  Click HERE to download the note I send home.  You'll have to download it and open it in WORD to make changes... and if you don't have my fonts, it might not look as pretty... but there it is!

And... here's my room!

I had to leave the lights on... it was too dark with them off.  But... can you see my white lights strung across the room?

My mom made me this tree when I was still an undergrad.  It used to live in my bedroom... but it's decorated my classroom at Christmas for the last 7 years!

And here's my classroom tree full of ornaments I've gotten over the years and the ornaments I have for my kiddos!  I give my kiddos personalized ornaments every year.

This year, I found these cute clay creations at Big Lots!  I added the names and... ta-da!

And now for the big ol' have you seen THIS?!

Last year, I put together a collaborative book about classroom Christmas parties!  It's full of ideas for snacks, games, and fun.  I'd love for you to download it and check it out.  The cover looks horrible when you open it in Google Docs... but if you download it, it looks great!

Do you have something you'd like to contribute?  I'll add any new comments to the book at the end of the weekend!

That's all for today friends!


  1. Oh I love it! Thanks so much! I need some new ideas for our class party!

  2. Thank you! Love some of the ideas. I was on the "hunt" this year to "spice" up my classroom gift exchange and came across "The Gift of 17". This came from my little guys classroom teacher.

    Here’s how it works:
    Each family that chooses to participate can bring in 18 (one for each child in our class plus one in case we a new child moves in) similar items wrapped in ONE package. Some ideas include; pencils, gloves, pens, magnets, play dough, bubble stuff, stickers, rubber stamps, books, fun pads, candy canes, cookie cutters, etc...
    Families may choose to give one gift to the whole class such as a board game, book, playground ball, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, scented markers, craft items, etc. that everyone in the class can enjoy for the rest of the year.
    Packages should be labeled “To my class” from "Child’s name.”
    Children will open his or her own gift and present it to the class.

    No one is required to participate.

    No one will be left out.

    There is no spending limit either high or low.
    It is my hope that all of the children will leave for the holidays feeling good about giving and feeling fairly treated.

    Randee Schatz
    "How about them apples?

  3. I'd love to hear more about your thesaurus activity! Is it in your TPT store?

  4. Just your years of teaching, have you ever had a year with a family that does not celebrate holidays, and objects to Christmas themed activities and decorations? I think I have one coming up from 2nd grade who could be in my room next year, and wonder how I can handle that. Others of you have thoughts or feedback??

    1. I have had that for 6 out of my last 7 years teaching. Those students just do something else during that time. Projects are pretty easy to change around for them and the families I had did not come to school on party days.

  5. I love your paper stocking idea - especially the names of the kids. Would you happen to know what font you used for their names on the stocking cuff? Thank you so much. I know my students would love it.

  6. I like your paper stockings! They're very cute. I was wondering if would be able to share the font you used for the the kids names in the cuff part of the stocking. =) Thank you so much. I know my little kids would love it.


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