Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Ready for Next Week!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

I'm so excited about next week- we switch our students but we're keeping our own kids for the WHOLE WEEK!

This gal has some fun things on the agenda...

First things first... reading a Christmas picture book every day!

Here are my favorites...

Yeah, I know they're in 3rd grade, but I LOVE this one!

We're also reading The Best Christmas Pagent Ever to the whole 3rd grade next week so we can watch the movie on Friday.

Monday- making ornaments!

We're making these reindeer that I posed about last year and the gingerbread ornaments from last year too.

Tuesday- making one more gift... more info to come!

Wednesday- wrapping, cards

Thursday- PARTY!

Friday- Read in during the AM and a movie with a hot cocoa bar in the PM.

I'll also be doing Christmas Around the World next week too!  And some math (hoping to have them play Suit Up Santa! for multiplication) and reading!

What fun things are you doing with your kiddos?  And who else goes through Friday next week?


  1. I'm going through Friday next week too! I'm looking for some fun ideas for my older students so far they think I'm pretty lame :( And we aren't allowed to watch ANY movies - copyright issues or something, I can't even show the Grinch for our Grinch party :( Thanks for sharing your ideas can't wait to read more!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  2. I'm excited for next week too! We go through Friday as well, and our schedule looks a lot like yours!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. Next week will be fun too. I have a categories activity that is a great warm up for the day. Students have to find something that goes with each letter of the alphabet for December. Could be Christmas but I have a few who don't celebrate.

    Love the ornament idea! :)


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