Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cricut Obsessed! - Showing Off My Creations!

So, I bought a Cricut last week... and my life will never be the same!

Seriously.  How have I gone my whole life without this thing?!

I have been raiding Bullseye's Playground at Target and have found the best items just crying out for some vinyl!

Here's what I've made so far...

First, I put my name on my Cricut.  Seemed like an easy test drive for my machine!

I used one of my $1.00 pencil boxes from Michael's (actually, more like $0.80 when bought on 20% off week!) to make a box for my Cricut tools.

Used another pencil box to make something for my nephew, who I lovingly call "Nepphie".  He likes sharks, so I added one inside the box!

I kept forgetting to change the settings on my Cricut, so I made a little reminder for myself and placed it on my Cricut!

Of course, I had to get something to hold my Cricut and organize all my stuff.  I got this beauty at Big Lots for around $50.00.

The rest of the items come from Bullseye's Playground.  Seriously.  I'm hoarding these things now so I can make gifts for friends, do some giveaways on my blog FB page, and just make more STUFF!!!!!

I don't know if I love the rules poster yet... still on the fence about this one.

Had to add the unicorn to this one!

Front and back of sign for my classroom door is below.  I will flip it around when we're testing to let others know before they enter my classroom!

I love displaying pieces of work that students have shown extra effort on.  I will hang them here!

A notebook for meetings...

I store all materials for each day in a colored bin, now there's a colored folder to match the bin so I can keep papers together for each day!

I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT.  You've seen this image floating around the web.  The original printable comes from The Teacher Wife and you can find it HERE.  Here's my Bullseye's Playground meets Cricut version!  Seriously love it.  I may do some tweaking so that it doesn't overlap into the brown part of the pencil... if I do, stay tuned for a giveaway!

I'm trying to learn how to do multiple colors and layering of vinyl.  This is my 2nd attempt.  As I was doing it, I realized I needed to affix it to something to finish... so the lamp next to me it was!  But, I do think it's kinda cute.  If you have any tips for layering vinyl, I'd love to hear them!

That's my "show off" for now.  Seriously going to go back to Target today and see what else needs to be vinyl-ized!  I have picked up some other things already and they are in my "to do" pile.
Be sure to follow my blog on Facebook (link at the top of the page!) because I've already done one giveaway to win one of these...


And I definitely have more of all of those so I can do another one soon!

Do you have a Cricut?  I'd love to know what you're working on!


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