Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Getting Organized for Next Year!

Starting the year last year after the year had already started (follow that?) left me feeling like I was never caught up with organization this past school year.

So, one of my summer goals was to get on top of things... especially for language arts.

I've been working for the last few days to make the spelling and high-frequency activities I'll need for my Word Work station and I am finally done!

I got the last paper filed into a folder and had to come on and show off what I've done!

Endless printing and laminating...

And then, to cut and put everything into files.

I made a file folder for each week of my reading series and put a label on each one with the unit and week, story title, phonics skill, comprehension skill and strategy, and grammar skill.  This will help me know instantly which other books and resources I need for each week!

 Inside each folder, I put the laminated high-frequency word cards and the cards for spelling "Write the Room" that I created.  Each card has an image that connects to the story of the week and I put that image on each folder label... this way, if a card comes out or shows up somewhere, I'll know exactly where it belongs!

I also put in the master copy of the spelling sorting sheet and the high-frequency word practice page for each week.  I printed these at Office Depot for $0.12 a page.  It was around $7.00 to print all 60 pages.  I'm SO glad I did this.  Last year, I printed what I needed each week, but I think it will be SO helpful to have everything printed and already in folders.  So, a few extra bucks was totally worth it to me!

I'm going to work on adding other resources to these folders too and can't wait to get back to my classroom next month and put them away!  I'll have to show you my piles of school stuff in my  house, garage, and car sometime.  I'd say you'd be shocked, but I'm willing to wager that many of you know exactly what I'm talking about!

If you use Reading Street and want to check out the 2nd grade packs I created, the link to the bundle is below.  The bundle gets you the high-frequency word cards for FREE!


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