Friday, July 5, 2019

Summer of Creativity! {And Grammar Games}

Ahhh... summer.  My third week is almost at a close and this has been the summer of creativity so far!  I haven't laid at the pool or lounged and watched tv... but I have relaxed in my own way, which is to sit at the computer with coffee and good dogs sleeping on the floor all around me while I create stuff!

Did I tell you I'm moving to 2nd grade next year?  2nd is the grade I started in waaaay back when and I'm excited to get back to my roots.  One routine I LOVED when I taught 3rd grade was my awesome teaching partner and I making sure to incorporate lots of games for grammar.  Usually, our students played a grammar game every Thursday as a way to reinforce the skill we had been working on during the week.

So, I have been cranking out low-prep grammar games that connect to my 2nd grade reading program's convention of the week!

So far, I have completed games for all things "sentence basics", all about nouns, all about verbs, and I'm done with the adjective part of "all about adjectives and adverbs"!

These low prep games are perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.  All contain a partner game and then a way to turn the activity into a classroom or hallway hunt.  We did those ALL THE TIME in 3rd grade and my kiddos loved them!

The best part... the bundles each include a free game because they are $2 less than buying the games individually!

How do you spice up your grammar instruction and practice?  Let us know in the comments!


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