Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!

Picture it...

Michigan.  2013.  The rain falls on the snowy ground, freezing instantly and making a slick mess.

A girl sleeps.  She hears the alarm and pushes snooze many times before finally getting out of bed.

Make-up on.  Hair done.  Dressed.  Coffee made.

The phone chimes.  It's her mother, congratulating her on the snow day.

Snow day?!  No phone rang in the early morning to declare this...and she was already dressed and ready for school!

But, sure enough, the news confirmed it.  School was cancelled.  That girl was me.  And that day was today.

I will send the 1 Fry Phrase pack of your choice to the first person who can comment and tell me what my little story above is mimicking... here's a hint... I love to do it on every snow day!  Yay!  Brenda, comment #6, figured it out!  The Golden Girls is one of my all time favorite shows and I love snow days because I actually get to watch it!  I was telling my snow day tale like Sophia always does in the Golden Girls!  I just e-mailed you.

So, I'm celebrating!!!!!  Yesterday I finished all of the Fry Phrase packs that I had been working on so I am going to attempt a giveaway using the system at Teacher's Notebook since the bundle pack for all six is too large to e-mail.

If you would like to win all SIX Fry Phrase sets, you can enter at Teacher's Notebook today and tomorrow!  I'll announce the winner on Wednesday!

Just click the picture to enter!
Check out the pack on TpT or TN too!


  1. Hi Christina!

    Happy snow day! School was canceled for me too! :)
    I'm guessing that you like to sleep in on snow days...So sorry you were robbed of that this morning.

    Read with Me ABC

  2. Are you referencing Groundhog Day?? Or your rituals that you do to try and make a snow day?? All I know is I really really would love to win one of the fry packs!! And even though there is a good 6-8 inches of snow outside my house right now, we never have snow days in Utah :( so I guess I better get up and get ready.... Have fun on your day off! I'm jealous!!

  3. Is it getting that phone for no school? I love that! We have no school today too!

  4. I'm guessing you love to sleep in since you kept hitting the snooze button.

  5. Happy Snow day. Sorry you were already ready to go. I have a 3 hour delay and I am trying to be productive.
    My Second Sense

  6. You are mimicking Sophia from Golden Girls lol

  7. I'm guessing you like to stay in your pajamas most of the day. Enjoy your snow day!
    teacher gone digial @ gmail (dot)com
    Teacher Gone Digital

  8. sorry u got robbed on going back to bed...we had a snow day down here in Fraser (near sterling Heights). I was supposed to make a trek up to Flint to the GISD for a writing training...LUCKILY they were closed too!!! Hope you are getting to enjoy the rest of your unexpected day off!

  9. I want a snow day! It is 75 degrees in Kansas today (snow later in the week).

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  10. I got your 1st-4th Fry bundle yesterday. I LOVE it! I've spent my snow day today printing, cutting, and laminating the cards. I can't wait to use them with my kiddos! Thank you :)

  11. I entered your contest today at school :) I wondered what the occasion was! Happy snow day!

  12. Can you send that stuff this way? It started here last night as freezing rain, but was all rain (all day) today. It's going to be all rain for two more days...YUCK! It's's supposed to snow a little here and there! Nope...nada....BLAH! :)

    You're creations are always great! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  13. Just bought your big Fry packet yesterday...can't wait to use it!! In New Mexico, we would so love any snow ~ whether we get a day off or not. We would even take some freezing rain...although all of that entails having no outside recess, which is not so much fun either!! Have fun, Mary

  14. I would love it!

  15. I am not sure how I missed your giveaway but I am SO happy that I am not too late to enter! This is just what I was looking for to use with my reading class. I am always looking for new activities to have my students do. I really hope I win. (My fingers are crossed.)

    Ms. Richards's Musings


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