Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fry Phrase Winner and Young Author Celebration

Well, winner #1- kellybb31 is the winner of my Fry Phrase pack at Teacher's Notebook!  They should have *hopefully* contacted you via e-mail with the download link for the product!  Congrats and thanks to the 100+ who entered!  :)

Today was a BUSY day at school.  It was early release day, which is always so crazy!  But we also had a Young Author celebration, complete with cookies, bookmarks, and lots of student written books!

This year we had books printed by Student Treasures.  All of the 3rd grades made class books and the 4th and 5th graders all wrote their own books and got a free copy!

Today we had the kiddos all split into groups and they got to walk through classrooms to look at books and then hear the books the other students had written.

Because we had to do class books, our 3rd graders wrote darling letters to Santa... check out this sweetie's letter and illustration:

Since we made 1 books for the class, each 3rd grader took a copy of their page and picture to their group.

Here are some of the kiddos reading their books to others:

It was a very positive morning and the kids loved it!  If you aren't familiar with Student Treasures, you should check them out.  The books truly cost us NOTHING... and every 4th and 5th grader got their book for FREE as long as the 3rd grades did a class book.

Now, I'm not going to lie- it was a lot of work.  More work than I thought it would be since we all only made one page... but it was totally worth it!

Check in tomorrow... I've recently finished two packs and I'd love to give them away... so I'm thinking it might be tomorrow.

Here they are if you want to take a peek!
 Check it out on TpT .

This one is a Valentine themed hallway hunt... my FAVORITE!  We'll be doing this on Valentine's week in the classroom.  I love doing these hunts- I'll hang the cards in the room, print the recording sheet, and it's an instant "must do" for grammar for the week... and students can do it on their own, quietly, during Daily Five!  LOVE IT!'

And then... my newest LOVE...
Quotation Monsters- 3rd grade CCSS aligned for 3L.2.c.   Check it out on TpT.
I'm in absolute LOVE with this one!  The graphics are SO stinkin' cute!


  1. Checking out student treasures for my latest books :) Thanks for the link.
    My Second Sense

  2. We do Student Treasures every year and my kids love them!! We make individual books of poetry. I love the idea of the Young Author Celebration!!!


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