Saturday, January 19, 2013

MLKj Day- What We're Doing

If you're off on Monday... you're a lucky duck!  My hubby keeps bragging about his Monday off and I keep reminding him about my summer off... but I'd still love a three day weekend to get my report cards done... which really means to START them!  I was going to do it tomorrow, but an opportunity to shop has arisen and I'll be doing that instead!

I just wanted to share what we'll be doing on Monday to honor MLKj.  I have a confession to make and that is when I was a child I was a little obsessed with Martin Luther King Jr.  A little.  My mom reads this blog and she's probably saying, "A little?!" right now.  Because it might have been more than a little.  As in- we once took a family to the home where he was born and the memorial site set up for him in Atlanta.

So, even though I'd love to be home on Monday, I'm also excited about teaching and learning about MLKj at school with my kiddos.

On the agenda is...

1.)  MLKj flippy book for morning work!

2.)  Reading A to Z book about his life... I'll be using the three different leveled readers to have my kiddos work in partners to read about him.  Our 3rd graders will also be making a fact wheel about his life after reading the book.

3.)  Doing a group coloring type project from Marygrove's MLKj Day download freebie!  We're going to have our kiddos work together to accomplish the coloring and re-assembling of the picture and then *hopefully* we'll have time for them to do a little writing.

4.)  Watching the Brainpopjr about MLKj's life.

5.)  Reading this book:


And then we are attending the reading of a reader's theater about the event in that book... I *think* that the 5th grade teacher who's class is performing the RT wrote it!  They were practicing in the library on Friday while my kiddos were taking their spelling tests on Spelling City and it sounded like it will be a great show!
That will pretty much wrap up my ELA block on Monday!  Hopefully my kiddos will leave my classroom more aware and informed so they can help make our world a better place!


  1. If you're allowed to show movies at your school, the one hour long movie Our Friend, Martin, is incredible. It is mostly animated, but also uses real footage from that time period. It is intense and I wouldn't go younger than 3rd grade with it. It always makes a huge impact on my kiddos.

  2. Those sound like great activities. We did a KWL, and I was really surprised about how much they already knew! So I will show a Brainpop and then let them do some stations with worksheets from 3rd Grade Gridiron.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. Loved that flippy book!

    We did a KWL and an activity where we split the kids up based on eye color before we started our guided reading books. It was pretty powerful.

    We also watched the Brain Pop video and then took the quiz!


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