Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Fluency Fun!

Today I worked with my intervention group on the 4th 100 HF word Fry Phrases.  We had so much fun!

We played one of the games from my 4th Fry Phrase pack- "Say it like a...".  They had to spin a spinner and read a phrase as a character- pirate, princess, teacher, kid, mouse, giant, witch, farmer.  They LOVED it and I was cracking up!

Check us out...  These ladies used a pencil and paper clip for their spinner.

I happened to have a plastic casing for spinners... so these boys were the lucky ones who got to use that!

I LOVED hearing this group of three boys do "Teacher" and "Princess" voices!  Hahaha!  This was such a feel good and fun activity... after a week of temps too low to have outdoor recess, everyone's going a little stir crazy.  This was a fun way to work this morning!

And I just put the finishing touches on a pack for the 1st 100 HF word Fry Phrases.  This one has the "BUMP" style game too and a game called "Watch Out for Mr. Wolf" that features some Three Little Piggish elements... sure to delight 1st and 2nd graders who are so familiar with every version of that story!
 Find it on TpT

I've also put a bundle pack of all four of the Fry Phrase packs on TpT.  It's $12.00... so essentially one is free since they are $4 each and there are 4 in the pack!
 Check out the BUNDLE on TpT

Tune in *hopefully* tomorrow for some product Dos and Don'ts as part of my little soapbox series!  I say *hopefully* because, well, it's Friday... and a week without outdoor recess has made this teacher crazy too!

Last question... would anyone want Fry Phrase packs for the 5th and 6th hundred words?  Not sure if I'm going to work on that right now... I'm "Fry Phrased Out"!  But, if others would like them, I might start sooner that I thought!


  1. Yes! I will use them just like you do, in my RTI groups. I love that you bundled them. Thank you!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. I have been looking for some fun activities to do with my students using the sight words. Thanks for the file. I'm heading over to get my copy. Also, we had indoor recess on Thursday. Luckily it was only for one day and it was a half day. I can't believe you had to do it all week. Hopefully you will get recess next week!!

    Darling Little Learners


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