Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pie, Pie... Me oh my!

We just finished up an AR incentive at school where, for every 25 points earned, the students got to choose a teacher and throw a pie in their face.

The pie day is tomorrow... and we're currently under a lake effect snow warning until tomorrow morning... so... I wouldn't mind if you sent a few "Boom boom for snow"s my way.  Or wore your pjs inside out.  Or put a potato by your alarm clock.  Or a spoon under your pillow.  Or flushed some ice cubes down the toilet.

You get the idea.

I wouldn't mind pushing the pie day back a few!  Not that I don't want my TWELVE pies smashed in my face... but... you know what I'm sayin'?

Do you have any AR incentives at your school?  The first marking period, they got to throw a water balloon at the principal for every 25 points and my building earned over 100 water balloons during the marking period!


  1. Heavens, no - and I hope no-one ever comes up with incentives like that in our school either! :) I hope the snow comes - anything to postpone the pies :)

    Fun in the Fours

  2. Take lots of pics!! I'll have to share this with my school. Since we are a small private school, we are on an uber-tight budget. The kids would love this!

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  4. OH my! Haha we had a similar day last year and I took a pie to the face. Let me tell you, that stuff doesn't feel good in your nostrils :) I'll flush a few ice cubes and put on my pj's inside out for you!


  5. We do incentives for every 10 pts.
    With every 10 pts. they always get a free book plus one other thing.
    Some of them are a ribbon, a pencil, eat with the teacher, do the announcements in the morning, their name goes into a bigger drawing for the end of the year big prize, brag tags, and their name in a book plate in their favorite book in the library.

  6. For every 5 points that my 2nd graders earn, they add a bead to their AR necklaces. At the end of the year they get to take their necklaces home. They love it! At the end of every quarter we have an AR camp out too. This really isn't an incentive but more of a celebration for all our hard work. The best part is that they don't realize that this "incentive" is actually just more opportunities to READ, READ, READ! The kiddos bring in flashlights, we cover our desks with sheets, bring in some tents, and enjoy a camping trail mix/smore snack (golden grahams, marshmellows, and chocolate chips). They get so excited for the end of each quarter to come! And the best part...they are practicing their reading!


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