Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Facts: Product Dos and Don'ts

First... the MLKj flippy had a tiny error!  A word was missing on the text portion- the "in" before 1968.  It's fixed and re-uploaded.  I, of course, have all ready run off 25 copies, so my kiddos will be doing some editing on Monday!  :)

Second... this week's Friday Facts for new bloggers and TpTers...

It's an easy one that *should* go without saying, but I have to say it, sadly:

It is *SO* disheartening to see sellers who are taking freebies from blogs and SELLING them in their stores.  I am sure we would all agree that is wrong!  We would not put up with our students copying... so why are adults doing it?!

The online teaching community is such a sister(and a little brother)hood and we take care of each other!  When we find products that someone has stolen and claimed as their own, we tell one another, and try to stop it from happening again.

You can only re-invent the wheel so many times so it is understandable when some products are similar... but I'm talking about out and out COPYING.  Not bothering to even be sneaky about it by changing fonts and graphics... just blatant stealing!

So, that's why today's DOs and DON'TS are simple.  Just don't do it!  Share and sell your own original work.  We all know this and, if you're reading this post, it probably doesn't pertain to you anyway... here's to hoping someone who didn't stop and think about this will stumble on this post and have a light bulb moment!

Next week I want to do DOs and DON'TS for creating products... I'd love to hear your opinions on this in the comments so I can work them into a blog post along with my own opinions!


  1. Here's my DO for creating products... make sure that there is a clear educational objective, and not just a cute design. (Of course, the cute factor is important but it should always be secondary!)

    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL

    1. I agree! I have purchased some very cute products, but there is not as much educational merit to them. Sometimes if they are overly cute, I will pass it up and look for something more educational.

      Reading Toward the Stars

  2. So true! What a bummer it has to be said. I read through all of your Do's and Don'ts and I love them. So honest and helpful. :)

  3. Oh wow!! How sad that there are people out there that would do that. Hopefully they will see your post and stop doing it. Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading your DOs and DON'Ts for creating products. I have a few ideas for items I want to create, but I'm not really sure where to start.

  5. Here's another DO for creating products - DO make sure the font is legible for students with disabilities. There are so many a-dor-a-ble fonts out there, but not all of them are appropriate for text that must be closely read by students. Thanks for posting this series for fellow TPTers!! :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  6. I second what Jen said! Please think about the font when making products. I like to use cute fonts, too. But I always try to make sure that what the students are reading (and even parents since I've had parents who were struggling readers) has a readable font that is not confusing. Love your series!

    Extra Special Teaching

  7. Thanks for trying to get the word out, Christina... and for saying it so nicely!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. May I make a suggestion for your Do's and Dont's of Creating Products. It would be really fantastic if the creator's name and website or blog were on the created product. So many kind people have shared products for free but did not give themselves credit. When I want to share about something I've used, I really want to link back to the creator in an easy fashion. I do not want to spend time trying to remember or find where I got an idea. You are really great about putting your name on your products, Christina, but not everybody does that. It would be a huge help when sharing. Thanks!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

    1. I agree! I found the cutest writing activity, and it took me hours to figure out where it came from!

      Literacy Without Worksheets

  9. Ha, ha, I've had this happen to me. Some one just copied a product and posted it on her blog and TPT store, which I had subscribed to. Ummmm, did she think I would not notice? Silly. It is down now, after I contacted her, but I would say other people would not have been as nice as me and reported her.
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  10. I think if you designed a check list that a creator could go over after they finish their product to be sure they have everything that needs to be a part of their product.

    It might include, checking to see that lines match up, graphics are inside boundaries if they are supposed to be, fonts are easy to read, no spelling errors or gramatical errors, your name or blog name on each page, thank you page, title page, answer key (if needed) Directions (if needed) assembly directions, (if needed) credits to the clipart or font designers, etc.

    Second In Line

  11. I don't blog, but I have created my own products to use in the classroom.
    It is sad that people aren't more respectful. some products are not much different than some I have seen in a book......just spiffed up with graphics and/or fonts. Your products are really different and it means I can use them to differentiate my instruction.


  12. amen! Here's a few little buggers for me. Please don't smoosh the graphics! I hate paying money for something and the graphics are distorted. Use those corners people! I really cannot believe it even happens these days. Also, so many things say common core aligned and they just aren't. I hate that seems to be a "tag line" now. I does get harder and harder to keep coming up with new stuff, I agree. I keep trying though!

  13. I second Jen - over the year I have had to change some of my fonts because of that reason. I have had very sweet constructive feedback or noticed it myself in my own class. Easy to read fonts are KEY.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  14. I am new to the world of teacher blogs and I must say your "tips for bloggers and TPTers" is wonderful. I am trying to understand all of the ins and outs of this world because it seems so different from the typical personal blog. Please keep them up because they are very useful.

    Dreams of a Educator


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