Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Me Help You With That...

-your font addiction, that is!

I loved reading all of your comments yesterday on my font addiction... I am so glad I am not alone!

Today I made 10 more fonts... check 'em out!
Find them on TpT- on sale for $4!

I'm LOVING "Hot Mess" and "Pretty" and so excited about getting to work on some classroom materials using them!

So... I had my hubby do my favorite super random and scientific method of choosing winners for my fonts.

He chose 6- the first three I'll send the font set I showed you yesterday and the second three I'll send the new fonts.  I also had him choose 1 person to win both sets!

So... here we go...

The three winners of my very first ever set of fonts are...
#36- Special Teacher for Special Kids
#73- Beach Teacher
#3- Rachel at A-B-Seymour

The three winners of my new set of fonts (pictured above) are...
#69- Nicole Shelby
#52- Cherie
#47- Kristin (Teachntx)

And he chose #4 as the winner for both sets and that is Tania at My Second Sense!

All fonts have been sent, so if you don't see it... check your junk mail or drop me a line!

To all of you going back to school tomorrow, good luck!  We go back on Monday... I'll probably spend the next few days enabling my font addiction by making more fonts to add to it!  Bwahahaha!


  1. Thank your hubby for me!
    I am staying away from a stylus :)
    My Second Sense

  2. Thank you and your hubby very much! I love the fonts!! :)


    1. I used your fonts for my newest TpT pack and I LOVE them! :) I created an activity pack for the 100th Day of School and your fonts are soooo cute!

      I made sure to give you all the credit!!

      Thank you again! :)


  3. Thanks Mr. B.

    Happy New Year to both of you!

    Beach Teacher

  4. I love your fonts, they are super cute!

    Classroom Fun

  5. How do you make your own fonts??? I'm a newer blogger and trying to get on this awesome creativity train with everyone!!

    The Bender Bunch

  6. These fonts are great! Already using in the Valentine's Day pack I am finishing up.
    Thanks sweet friend!
    Creekside Teacher Tales

  7. Yes, thank you and your husband! I love your fonts! :)


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