Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guest Bloggers: Primary Possibilities

Looking for me?  I'm not here today... I'm guest blogging over at Fun in the Fours and sharing all about Reading Response Journals.

My guest bloggers are from Primary Possibilities as part of the New Year, New Ideas, New Possibilities Linky Party! 

We are happy to be guest blogging for Christina!  You can follow the guest bloggers by clicking  the button below.

Our blog is called Primary Possibilities.  We are three primary teachers who have come together to
share all of the great things happening in our primary building.  We  teach in southern Indiana.  Stephanie VanMeter is a Kindergarten teacher in her 7th year of teaching.  Stephany Dillon is a first grade teacher also in her 7th year of teaching.  Kathi Berry is a Title I teacher in her 10th year of teaching.

We are excited to show you all the fun and exciting things happening not only in our classrooms but in the classrooms of our colleagues.

We are hitting word work really hard in kindergarten and first grade.  Our first grade students participate in literacy stations daily. 

One skill we emphasis frequently is real words and nonsense words.  It really helps those basic early literacy skills.  Nonsense and real words targets those CVC patterns and helps with decoding words with short vowels.  We try to find different ways to make it interesting and of course fun for the students.  The three of us have each made products targeting kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students.

We also came across many valuable sites on the topic of nonsense words.  The first is Reading Rockets: Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle.

The following site is Mrs. Frauenhofer's Site.  Her site offers nonsense word flashcards, Roll a Word, and Word Maker.  Just click the link below to see what she has to offer for free.

 We also came across this YouTube video that explains nonsense  and real words using short vowel sounds.  It is an excellent strategy to use when teaching nonsense word and real word fluency in reading.

Thank you to Christina for giving us the opportunity to guest bog on her amazing blog! 


  1. I love the idea you shared guest blogging at Fun in the Fours, about the Reading Response Journals. This is an awesome way to hold students accountable for their learning. Thanks for the "new idea" that I can use in 2013 to help my little learners!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. Your ideas are great about reading response journal which I can use for my students, thank you for sharing! Best of luck in 2013!

    Teacher Sol :)
    You can visit my blog at: Teacher Sol’s FUNSHINE


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