Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy, Buzzy Bees & Donor's Choose

It's FRIDAY!!!!  WHOO HOO!!!!  I *think* that last night my husband suggested we go to our favorite favorite restaurant tonight... but I was super tired and have been excitedly second guessing myself about it all day.  Could I really dream up a conversation about Chinn Chinn's in my head?  The answer is yes.

If you are from the SW Michigan area you MUST go to Chinn Chinn's.  It is modern Asian food that is super delicious.  Just don't go tonight, please, because it usually has a long wait to get in and I don't want any more people ahead of us than what there would normally be.  Take I-94 to Mattawan... it's AMAZING!!!!  I'm so hoping he really did say that!

On to the topic of school.  It has been an exhausting week.  Why is subtraction with regrouping so painful at times?!  Yesterday they all understood it and today it was like I was showing them something from another planet!  So, you know what my 2nd graders will be doing again next week... and what I'll be working on this weekend!

We've been working REALLY hard on identifying main ideas and details.  I have this amazing set of science readers that I received from Donor's Choose that have been a huge part of helping my students understand main ideas and details.

This week, we read Busy, Buzzy Bees by Allan Fowler.  After making loads of thinking maps to show main ideas and details, my kiddos were super interested in more bee information.

We watched a bee Magic School Bus, read some other bee books, created a bees can-have-are chart, did some informational writing about bees, and (just because I love craftivities) we made some super cute bees out of paper plates, paint, googley eyes, waxed paper, and pipe cleaner stingers!

Check out what we did!

We were busy, buzzy bees ourselves!  Enjoy the weekend... I know I will!

All of my Valentine items are still on sale at my Teacher's Notebook Shop if you're looking for anything for Tuesday!  :)

Last, I recently put up a Donor's Choose for a portable, interactive tablet type of device.  I have one that belongs to my school, but I really wanted one of my own.  It was funded today!!!!  Thanks, friend, for funding it for me!  :)


  1. The bees really brighten up the wall! So cute!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. What a fun unit on bees. I love how you find time to incorporate an art activity into your busy day. I firmly believe that those are so important to help our kids become more well rounded, but unfortunately the suits in Lansing don't see it that way. I do try to put things in once in a while. . . Have you ever read Buzzy The Bumble Bee by Denise Brennan Nelson? This story talks about a bee that found out he wasn't supposed to fly. ., . because physically they SHOULDN'T be able to, but THEY do! If you haven't read it, I do reccommend it. Hope your meal out was fun and delish and that you didn't have too long of a wait. Also hope all that new snow didn't slow you down too much!


  3. Congrats on getting your Donor's Choose funded! That is always so exciting. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your favorite restaurant.

    Swimming into Second

  4. LOVE the bees! :) So cute! Congrats on getting your tablet funded, that is an awesome start to the weekend :) Have a great day!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  5. Subtraction with regrouping. Sigh. My fourth graders still have a little trouble with it. :/

  6. My 2nd Graders had great success with borrowing when we broke it down in these steps (until I figured this out I was always pulling my hair out):

    1. Start in the ones house.
    2. Circle the bigger number: Bigger on Top-Stop, Bigger on Bottom-Borrow (becomes the BBB rule). They taught this to their 3rd grade teachers this year!
    3. To borrow, take one away from next door (tens house) and bring it over. I have them cross out and rewrite (3 becomes 13).

    If you are doing this with 3 and 4 digit numbers I just show them that you just keep following the same steps for all the "houses".

    I also model how easy it is for me to solve a super long 8 digit subtraction problem if I follow my steps. Then, they want to be able to do this so we work up to it. They like the challenge :)

  7. I would love to go to that restaurant!!!! :) I hope you get to go!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. I totally did a post about how double digit subtraction is KILLING me. Guess what we get to start next week? That's right...3-digit subtraction. I need prayers!

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  9. Great ideas! I love how you incorporate writing, science, AND some craftiness! (I pinned your picture on Pinterest about this! :) Do you have that writing paper (with the goals in left-hand corner) available somewhere? I'd LOVE to have it and more like it!!

  10. How adorable are those little bees? You're making me hungry talking about asian food. We need more yummy asian restaurants in Baltimore.

    I am your newest follower. Love your blog! You have the greatest creations.



  11. How cute and fun! And yes, regrouping is SOO hard. Hope your kiddos get it soon.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  12. I love those bees the children created! Check out my new blog
    Everything from fashion to organizational tools :)
    Love your blog! :)


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