Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sickness and the Dreaded ERROR.

Why is being sick as a teacher SO much more work than being in any other profession?  I didn't feel great last night and feel even worse this morning.  I already have to go to school since that's how I spend my free time on Sundays... and my Gerbie is counting on me to come in and feed her... and my Valentine's bulletin board has been haunting me all week and needs to come down... so I can't just relax at home today and feel better.

Tuesday I have a conference, Wednesday I have a half day meeting... so right there are a day and a half that I'm already missing.  UGH.  I do not want to miss tomorrow too!  :(  I am going to put out my emergency sub plans binder for tomorrow and do a really quick and sloppy set of lesson plans for Tuesday... just in case!

And now... for the dreaded ERROR.  Last night, when I was not feeling great, I got an e-mail of a private message at Teacher's Notebook.  That always freaks me out.  What if it's someone saying something mean?  What if someone hates a file they bought?  Or worse... what if it's an ERROR on a file?????  Well, I just got on the computer, checked the message, and... yeah.  A dreaded ERROR.

So... if you downloaded my Feline in a Fedora (aka the pack about an author who has a name related to the medical profession and his/her last name is spelled with three S an E and a U) please re-download it!  The candy bar wrappers said "Would you eat this IN a fox?  With a box?" instead of with and in... and I'm pretty sure that kiddos would not be eating their candy bars IN a fox!

Sorry friends!!!!!!!!!  Click the pic to head over and re-download!
 **Late day addition from the couch**... still sick.  :(  Thanks for all of the well wishes!  I have been blog stalking from the couch and just came across something interesting on Amy's blog and that is the need to grant you all permission to pin my stuff on Pinterest.  I get so excited when I see something of mine that has been pinned... but in the interest of following rules, I have now given permission for you to do so.

You can read all about it at Corkboard Connections, give permission yourself, and link up to say you did so!


  1. feel better soon...
    I feel your pain... I too am fighting some yucky germs and I too got a DREADED error message last night!!!! chin up
    you are awesome and we all make mistakes :)

  2. Oh no! Feel better soon. I had it last week. Thank goodness I barely made it through the four day week. I am finally feeling more like myself now.

    Get well!

  3. Christina:
    I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. Seems there is a lot of "something" going around. I missed school on Friday. (Actually, I didn't miss it at all since my cold allowed me to sleep through it!)

    However, your sweet sense of humor has not deserted you! At least this post made ME chuckle (even though you probably weren't laughing). Maybe IN a fox would catch on? No, huh?

    I just read that last paragraph again. Yep, still funny. Who knew that a head-covered-feline could bring BlogLand such angst and such great comedic relief from those in-the-know. Good for you for keeping your chin up through it all.

    Prayers for a quick recovery sent your way!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Hope your feeling better soon! I understand not wanting to take another day off - it's always so hard for me to leave my class! And don't worry about the error either we all make them, your unit is so cute!! Can't wait to use it!


  5. Hope you get better soon! (and I hate when I have errors, too!!)

    First Grade Blue SKies

  6. Hope you feel better! I always dread getting those messages too and I have the same fears, especially if someone is upset. I can't believe you can go into your school on the weekend. I wish I could go in sometimes and work for a few hours.

    Swimming into Second

  7. Oh no! Please get better soon. :) I can't imagine anyone saying anything negative about your work. Everyone has errors. I let my students find my errors. They think it is hilarious. Yes, boys and girls, teachers make mistakes too! :)


    A Year of Many Firsts

  8. Hope you feel better soon. I agree that it's harder to be sick for us than for others. Some people can just call in sick and not have to do anything else. Hope you get a lot done today.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  9. We have had a lot of illness going around in Illinois too. It is SOOOO much more work to be sick or have to be gone from your class. I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Oh no! Feel better soon! Hopefully you got to relax a little bit today!

    Stepping Into First Grade

  11. so sorry to hear you're sick... I am just getting over bronchitis, and after teaching for a full day with NO voice last week, I finally gave in and took Thursday and Friday off...I too hate doing the sub plans, but feel SO much better now and ready for the week to come... hope you get feeling better soon :)

  12. Christina
    I'm so sorry you are stinks! You are right it's so hard to be out. I hope you feel better soon...I know your kids will miss you. Get some rest. ( if possible )
    Vicky :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  13. I hope you are feeling better! I agree it is so much work to be out and sick!



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