Friday, February 3, 2012

Snowman Cookies & Quicksand

Ok, fellow Michiganders... where is all of our snow?!  We had a Snazzy Snack this week- Snowman Cookies!  But it just felt weird making them when there isn't a flake to be seen!

Check out the cute pictures of our snack!  We frosted three Nilla Wafers and then added the details.  One of those is the one I made as a sample... bet you can't guess which one!

If you don't know about Snazzy Snacks, you can learn more on my class website and I have some great freebies for it there too!  We love making them each month!

We're also getting ready for science fair next week.  Last year we played with Oobleck after learning about matter and I wanted to do it again this year but had to sort of re-purpose it... so we made "quicksand" instead.  We actually started out just trying to answer the question of whether quicksand acted more like a solid or a liquid and our project evolved, though the smart questioning of my sweeties, into trying to find out the best way to escape from quicksand!

We learned that when we made our animals struggle, they only sunk deeper and we couldn't pull them out... but if we left them alone, we could pull them out much easier.  So, we, Southwestern Michigan children and teacher, are now super prepared should we ever find ourselves in quicksand peril!

One of my sweeties even came up with the name for our project... "The TRICKsand" because he said it's tricky to know which state of matter it is and it's tricky to get out of!

I'm facing a busy, busy weekend... we have a wedding rehearsal tonight and showtime tomorrow and Super Bowl fun at my parents' house on Sunday.  We are starting a new RTI-modeled intervention program next week between all the K, 1, and 2 teachers in my building... I'm super excited, but in need of some desperate prep last minute organization for it.  So, I'm going to try and sneak into school for a few hours on Sunday- you know, in between laundry, grocery shopping, and making food for the Super Bowl party... wish me luck!


  1. Checking out your snazzy snacks right after I leave this comment. I am worried that I won't be able to do it because our district is also super strict about food in the classrooms (sugar especially). :(
    Have fun this weekend -- try to find some time to RELAX!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. We do a shared RTI program at our school. We call it Reading Shuffle, because the kids all shuffle to different rooms during this 30 minute period. Kinders switch between themselves. But all first and second graders move to different rooms. The top kids are split between two rooms where they do M.O.P.s (miles on the page) to do silent reading. Then the other rooms do either PALS, phonics, poetry, or help with ESL reading. I have used a lot of your phonics ideas and the ideas of the other wonderful teachers here for my group . I hope yours is successful. I really think ours is doing well. Good luck!

  3. Love that snazzy snack, frosting is such a good skill!

    I know, Im in Northern MI and ready for some more snow!! c'mon MI!!!!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. I love the snowman snack. I feel lucky that we do not have food restrictions in my district. Although, with two sessions of kindergarten it gets expensive.

    Queen with Class


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