Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patty's Day Writing Paper Freebie & Leap Day Reminder!

Enjoy this freebie of the St. Patrick's Day paper from my Write Away! Themed Stationery Pack.  We use the John Collins' Program to organize writing instruction in my district (the FCAs that some of you asked me about on the "bee writing" I posted a picture of) and I love typing my FCAs right on these to make cute, fun writing pages for my kiddos!

Well, here is your free St. Patty's Day paper in both intermediate and primary lined!  Just click the pic!

Let me know if you love it!  :)

Don't forget about Leap Day tomorrow!!!!  If you're looking for something fun to do, check out my Leap Day Mini-Pack and/or my free Leap Day Flippy book!  Click the pic for more info!


  1. Does this mean you are still at home resting? eeerrrrr, I mean making things? Ha ha! I hope you're feeling better.


    Second In Line

  2. So I just downloaded your Marshmallow Fractions page because we're just starting our fractions unit. I love it! Thank you for that freebie-I'm sure it's old, but I'm just getting started with this whole Pinterest/blog-following. I love your blog, by the way! Hope you are feeling better! I was sick last week, so I know what you mean! Ugh!

  3. My students loved the Leap Day flippy book. They were excited to be able to fold it themselves now (because they are almost second graders). :) Thanks.


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