Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fab Target Finds for Valentine's Day!

Oh Target. You are a teacher's dream!

This weekend I hit up my favorite dollar spot and found some awesome items...Now, I did spend a great deal of time adding text to that picture to explain what each thing was and, for some reason, my text isn't appearing and, of course, I couldn't be bothered to SAVE it.

So, I'll have to tell you:
*100th day crowns and bookmarks
*these crazy balloon things for Valentine's Day that are flat but if you hit them, they blow up!
*all sort of craft stuff- big foam hearts, stickers, foam stickers, felt stickers, confetti, paper
*and two little cardboard buckets that were just too cute to pass up!


One more thing- if you happened to pick up the 1st grade phonics fluency packet in my Teacher's Notebook store, you should head back in to your account and re-download it. I added a potential parent letter and I added a 2nd file for non-Treasures users that has the phonics skill each week is focusing on, rather than having the weekly story title on each list. I hope that makes sense! The extra file also doesn't say "Treasures" on the cover sheet!
I added a "making change" math center to my store last night. My 2nd graders will be using it to practice making change. I'll give a free copy to the first comment! Leave your e-mail address please! :)Back to school tomorrow! Blog at ya again later in the week, friends!


  1. I'd love the making change center! Perfect for my second graders! :)

  2. I am heading out to Target this morning!! LOVE it!!


  3. Loovvee Target! I have a question, do you have any ideas on how to use those cute cardboard buckets? I have a bunch of those (and the little tin buckets) and I always want to get more, but I don't know what to do with them!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. I wish I could find some of the 100 day crowns at our Targets such luck, but I was able to find some of the V-Day items! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love Target! Thanks for the great ideas, I think I'll be heading out later...hehe :)

    Lisa :)
    Made in the Shade in Second Grade

  6. Sara- I use the buckets for just storing STUFF. I bought the metal ones last year and my kiddos use them at their tables to store their "free choice minutes".

    I use the holiday ones at my parties for games or holding forks or whatever. And at my math workstations for holding game pieces for seasonal games.


  7. Oh man! Good score! Now I have to convince the hubs that we should have lunch somewhere near the "good" Target about 25 minutes away instead of going to the one 3 minutes from my house which stinks!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  8. You found some great items at Target. I am going to have to go there today. Thanks for the info.


  9. I just went to my Target this morning also! I love to go at about 8 or 9 on Sunday mornings because its usually not busy. Today though, it was! I'm super jealous of your 100th Day glasses, they didn't have any of that at the store I went too. Luckily, I have 3 others I can hit up. Can't wait to see what you do!
    The Bubbly Blonde

  10. I went to Target yesterday and I already want to go again...

  11. I love target too, I'm having a giveaway for a Target card, come check out my fab finds and enter the giveaway!

  12. The making change packet looks great. We have just been working on that in math.

  13. Wow! I'll be visiting Target soon... :)

  14. No 100 day crowns at our Target either. :(

  15. I am a huge fan or your and a fellow target dollar fan!!! Thanks for all thevgreatbideas


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