Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorite Follower Award, Sale, and Reminder

Who knew being a follower would be something we'd ever aspire to be...?  I'm a proud follower of WAAAY too many blogs that I can never get enough of!  I love peeking into everyone else's classrooms and feel like I have made so many teacher friends by blogging too!

Thanks to Lisa and Beth over at Made in the Shade in 2nd Grade for giving me their "Favorite Follower" award!

The rules say I have to pass the award along to two faithful followers... that's so hard!  I so appreciate every comment and e-mail that I get... they truly do make my day!  Thanks friends!  Thank you so much to everyone who posts, e-mails, visits, comments, Facebooks (can I make that a verb?!) with me!  I seriously would love to award everyone with this! 

But... to pass the award along, I'd like to pass it to:

The Teachers' Cauldron

Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron, who posts such insightful blog posts and always leaves me bucket filling comments!

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

My second is Kristin aka A Teeny Tiny Teacher- when I realized she was commenting on my posts and reading my blog, I almost fainted!  She's like an uber teacher blog celebrity!  And so hilarious!

Thanks Jen, Kristin, and all of you for inviting me into your teaching lives and for wanting to come in to mine!

On two side notes- be sure to check out the giveaway I'm doing with Ann-Marie at K & K Designs for a SUPER cute personalized drink tumbler and a set of over 100 different printable Valentine cards!  Aaaaand... all of my items are on sale at my Teacher's Notebook shop until Monday!

My school's parent group is holding a scrapbooking fundraiser today, so I've got all of my junk important scrapping goodies sitting in the kitchen waiting to leave when my mom comes over to pick me up!  Between the two of us, we have every scrapbooking item known to man.  I always have to chuckle when I leave the house to go scrapbooking... I wonder if my neighbors think I'm moving out when I go out with a rolling suitcase-looking bag and my arms loaded down with organizational bags and totes... not to mention the Cricut!  And even though I probably won't use any of that stuff, I can't make myself leave it at home because what if there is some random chance that I need one of the pieces of paper that I bought 8 years ago and forgot about?!  Scrapbooking.  It's a sickness!

BUT- I rearranged my classroom on Thursday.  Like an almost complete overhaul.  And I got a new gerbil after a terrible mishap with my Lily- I miss that cutie!  RIP!  :*(  So, I'm going to try to sneak down and snap some pictures so I can share my new room arrangement, cute new gerbil, and a super fun writing project we did last week about solids and liquids.

So, without further ado... I shall publish this post, chug down the rest of my coffee, and prepare to let the creative juices flow!  I'm working on pages from my NYC trip this summer which I just LOOOOOOVE reliving!  Happy Saturday!


  1. Enjoy your day of scrapbooking! What a great fundraiser idea :) My mom and sister are fantastic scrappers but I (sigh) don't seem to quite have the motivation/drive to finish a project!

    But I do love the Cricut! Have a good weekend!

  2. Enjoy your scrapbooking! I can't wait to see the reorganization pictures from your classroom. :)

    Jen from...
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. WOW!!!!!! I'm in shock. First, you that you picked me. Second, that you think I'm some kind of celebrity! I think YOU are, crazy girl!!! Thanks so much -- you made my whole day.
    Enjoy your scrapbooking!! I tried that once. When I had spent the ENTIRE DAY on JUST ONE PAGE, I decided it wasn't for me. Now I like to do slideshows and photo books -- using the computer. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. awww - thanks for the award!! I love your blog!!! I have been following you forEVA!!!
    And to be next to Kristin?? WOWZA!!!! ha!!

    I LOVE scrap booking paraphernalia....I don't actually scrapbook though - lol..I just do crafts with it all! I even have a cricut...although, we don't have any cartridges though, bc they're so stinkin' expensive - boo :( Have fun with your creative juices!!
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  5. Congrats on your award. I put you right up there with Kristin....I cheCk you both out every day! I scrap booked today too. But we were at Magic you ever go in there? She's having a crop next Saturday if you are interested. Also one on Sunday during the Super Sunday for the Superbowl. I love my circuit too....and Jen, you can get the cartridges cheaper on EBay, at Joann's Fabrics, menards, walmart online, and even Big Lots....if you have those stores in your area. And by cheaper, I'm talking around $30.00 or so.

  6. I have yet to venture into scrapbooking! We had a fundraiser at our school today and teacher had their cars loaded with everything known to man for scrapping! Have fun!

  7. Congratulations with the new gerbil! I can't wait to hear what this beauty will be named!!

  8. Hey girl! I just "tagged" you on my blog! Come over and take a look and join the fun!

    Teaching First


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