Thursday, January 19, 2012

HUGE Giveaway Coming Soon!

Just wanted to put a bug in your ear about a HUGE giveaway coming soon from over 20 creative blogging teachers!

Courtney, over at Swimming into Second, is such a sweetie and is organizing a massive Valentine's Giveaway!  More info will be coming soon... but I just wanted to get you excited!

It also seems like all of my favorite bloggers are having sales at their online shops, so I'm having an "Everybody's Doing It!" sale over at mine until the end of the weekend!

Don't forget about my giveaway for a prefix/suffix center pack too... see yesterday's blog entry to enter!  The comments you all have left are SO funny and have totally made me laugh out loud until my husband has had to question what in the world I'm doing on the computer that is so funny!  After a long day yesterday with a crazy kiddo which followed having to drag one in their chair down the hall on Tuesday because the sweetie refused to get up and walk, two days of crazy kids makes one teacher who needed a good laugh!  I can't wait to see what others have to say!  :)


  1. I'm so excited :) This is going to be AWESOME!!! Have a great rest of your evening :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  2. Thanks Christina! I hope your Friday is better. I'm having one of those years too.

    Swimming into Second


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