Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaway Ends At the First Sip of Coffee Tomorrow!

Happy Friday! I'm bittersweetly (can I make that an adverb?) sad... after today, I have just the weekend and then it's back to reality. Though I'm ready to go back and sorely needed the time off, as I was feeling quite ineffective the week or so before vacation, I will miss sipping on my coffee while listening to "Will and Grace" in the background every morning... not to mention sleeping until 8:30! And working out early! And just getting to read! And work on files! And blog! And blog stalk! And clean my house! And go shopping in the middle of the day! Need I continue? But I do miss my kiddos and am re-energized and ready to fill their little heads full of knowledge.

Today I'm off to get my hair re-highlighted as my roots are peeking out. A few years ago, the first time I got my hair highlighted, the roots started appearing and one of my kiddos rushed up to me with a look of panic across his face and said, "Ummm... Mrs. Bainbridge? I think your hair is starting to change colors". He was so worried for me and my magical-color-changing-hair! I think of him every time I get my hair touched up!

Anyway, thanks SO much for all of your suggestions for flippy books! Yesterday I added some for rural, urban, and suburban communities as Jill suggested and I'll be working on more too. This is just a note to say that the giveaway will end at the first sip of coffee tomorrow morning and I'll choose my winners by random number generator!

Ok- off to the hair shop and coming back a blonder woman!

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  1. Christina, I love your blog and have been an avid follower of your work for a long time :) I've been so impressed with your Marygrove blogs (I'm a Marygrove/Madonna U girl myself) and just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration :) Thanks for all your ideas :)

    Lisa :)


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