Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are You Gearing Up for Conferences?

Well, I'm not!  We only have fall conferences at my school, but after an e-mail from Crystal (who IS getting ready for conferences) earlier this week, I thought you might be getting ready too.

I've shared a freebie over at my TpT store for conferences.  I use this in the fall with my students.  We fill them out together as a whole group, going over lots and lots and LOTS of examples and potential goals.  Students select their own and think of things they need to do to reach their goals and ways their families can help them too.  I have them set goals for math, reading, and writing. 

At my conferences, I ask that my students come and they go over this with their parents.

I have been doing this for about three years and really like the dialogue that it opens up and the fact that it forces students to think about how they are accountable for their own learning, which is a big part of my beliefs about teaching and learning.

Anyway, you can click the picture to head over and get your free copy.  I'd love to hear how it goes if you decide to use it!


  1. Ooh, I really like this! Thanks for sharing!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. This is just what I needed as I was planning to write goals with my students this week. You are so lucky to only have fall conferences! I have fall, winter and spring.

    Apples and Papers

  3. What a great idea! We just finished conference week but I'll put this away for next year. Thanks for sharing.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  4. Only fall conferences here, too, but I am saving this for next year! Thank you for sharing!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Wow, only fall conferences? Our conferences are coming up in a few weeks. This will be perfect! Thanks!

    Stepping Into First Grade

  6. Love this. We have conferences every six weeks after our report cards go home. I'll need to save this. Thanks for sharing.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  7. We have fall conferences that are "mandatory" and then at teacher request in the spring. {Parents can request too if they feel the need...which of course I get a bunch of parents who already know their child is doing very well who request a conference..oy}

    We used to do student-involved conferences which was a huge production...took away a lot of teaching/learning because we were busy putting together our portfolios, practicing showing them...way too much.

    Sharing something as simple as this and engaging in a discussion would be perfect!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing - I think I'll have my kids fill it out, but will show it to their parent{s} at the conference {no kids come}

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. I love this so much! I also only have fall conferences but I am totally totally saving this for the fall now. Thank you!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  9. Love this, and how do you get away with one conference a year??? We have 3, Yeah 3!! We will be meeting parents again in May, we already met in Oct. and Feb. It's a lot of work, and we have to stay until 8 on those night, and we didn't even get comp time for that this year, I know I'm totally complaining here, sorry!!

  10. Thanks for posting this! I used to do a goal setting sheet with my fifth/sixth (combined) class, but didn't try it with my first/second graders this year. Conferences are this week, and I would love to use this!

  11. This is a great form! I have two little requests....On the version with regular lines, the little clipart isn't like the one with the dotted lines. :( It's all + and - then books. No writing folders with pencils!

    I was also hoping you could add another line that says something like: This year I am excited for ________________ because ______________. It's something I've always included for conferences and it's cute what they say. Any chance it could be updated by tomorrow?? HAHA! One could only hope.....:)Thanks!!


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