Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poem Predictions Freebie & K-2 Reading Interventions

Happy Sunday!

As promised, here's a great poetry prediction activity you can use in your classroom!  If you grab it, let me know!  :)

I used this on Friday with my K-2 intervention group.  We have 8 intervention groups that run for 30-minutes every morning.  They are combined K-2 so we can pool our teacher resources.  We have a group doing Road to the Code, K PALS, 1st Grade PALS, sight words, word attach strategies, low fluency, high fluency, and I teach a CAFE inspired comprehension group for high readers.  I have three K and about 30 1st and 2nd graders in my group.  We work on deeper comprehension strategies and it has been so fun.  We used to do our groups by just splitting the kids up according to their DIBELS results, so this is our attempt at a truly RTI structured intervention program.  We've been doing it for about 2 months now and really liking it.

So, my group started by just talking about books.  We played a LOT of "Fiction Go Fish" and I loooooved walking around and hearing kiddos talk about what we had read together.

Then we mastered the "somebody-wanted-but-so" summary and now we're working on making and supporting predictions.

Anyway... on with the freebie.  It is 6 "what am I" poems and a recording sheet for students to write their guesses and support them with proof from each poem.  I did it as a "Scoot" type activity where I put the kids into 6 groups, each group went to a poem, read the poem, wrote their guess/proof, and then "scooted" to the next poem on my signal.  It was fun and interesting for me to see the difference in the thinking between the three grade levels!  My K kiddos didn't quite get the "proof" thing, but the 1st and 2nd graders did well on that!  Not having taught K before, being with the three littles that are in my intervention group has been fun!

Ok!  No more rambling- here is the file:

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TpT     Teacher's Notebook
Alright- enjoy the freebie!  I'd love a happy note if you enjoy it!  How do you do interventions in your school?  As this is our first go at cross grade level interventions, I'm sure we'll be tweaking it for next year.  I'd love to know what you think!  How do you make sure you're moving kids and keeping your groups fluid?

Thanks!  Have a great Sunday!  Only for more days until SPRING BREAK for me!!!!!!


  1. This looks great, thanks for sharing. I use so many of your ideas ! Happy Sunday, I am sitting on m deck in the sun, loving Spring :)

  2. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing. :) I will definitely use these sometime this week. I can't wait for spring break too!

  3. Hi Christina! I love the poems you used for predictions, I can't wait to try them in my class.

    Also did you by chance get my email about the free item from your shop for winning your give away a few months ago? I just sent another email yesterday and for some reason I don't think you are getting them. :(. I'm not sure why I'm having such a problem with this!! Let's try it here. I would love to get your Math Pet Shop Fluency that you have posted! All of those looks like something I will be able to use in my class. My email address is


  4. We have 15 minute intervention groups across my second grade level (5 classrooms). We sort the kids by reading level and divide them among 5 teachers. We have the highest need groups see us 3x a week and then the second highest need 2x a week. It seems to be working!

    Love the poetry stuff!

    My Second Sense

  5. Love the poems! Thanks for the freebie! We are currently doing intervention groups by grade level, but we have discussed combining grade levels and it sounds like it's working for your kiddos!!

    I'm giving away a freebie too! Come visit my blog for a giveaway and a freebie! :)



  6. Love the poem SCOOT! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  7. The poem riddles are a cute idea.
    We do interventions at our school, but students mostly stay with their grade level. I've used Soar to Success, but I'm not sure what some of the other teachers use. Our intervention teachers Dibels test the students every 9 weeks to place them.
    Have a good Monday! Sara

  8. Im all intervention, all the time:)

    Ill do a giveaway with you sometime if you want!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  9. Love the poems! Thanks!
    We do I-Time every morning and right now we have kids in sight word groups and guided reading groups.
    What is Road to the Code and First Grade PALS? (We have something called Explode the Code with basic phonic activities, but I haven't heard of Road to the Code.)

  10. I love these prediction poems! I can so use them during poetry month in April! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  11. How cute!! Come on over and check out my giveaway!!

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  12. Oh my....the poems were so familiar because I have the book. I have used it to write riddle poems. But...I loved what you did. What a great idea to do scoot with them.

  13. Could you give me an explanation of how you structured your intervention classes this process sounds interesting. We are looking for a new plan.


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