Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did You Bring Your Clip-Stick and Stop Bye Four Homophone Fun!

Ya'll know how much I love my clip chart.  And if you don't know, you can learn aaaaalllll about how much I love it on this little blog of mine.

Well, a little thing happened this summer called "I Got a New Job"... you might have heard me talking about that... and, at said job, our kiddos will be changing classes during the day... and we were trying to think of a way for us to use a clip chart for our behavior management without the kiddos having to a.) remember where each teacher said they should be on the chart, b.) having to have 4 clip charts for the four groups of kids we'll each have during the day, or c.) worrying about Johnny Sweetheart being told to move his clip down by one teacher and then "forgetting" to tell his homeroom teacher and thus remaining UP on the chart.

So... the CLIP STICK was born!

My awesome colleague BK painted these for us... Hi BK!!!!!  You're the best!

And I added the words and painted over them with Modpodge.

Here's mine:

It's a yard stick!  Each of our classes have one with our own clips on it and one kid's job will be to take it to each class as they rotate through during the day!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

A few weeks ago I got this box in the mail:

And I opened it...

And at first, I saw this:

And this was hidden underneath:

And (just to continue the "And" pattern) I love it!

It's a quick and easy center set for students to practice differentiating between homophones.  It's a flip chart and each page has four clues that students have to match up a homophone for each clue.

It tells you at the top of each card which four tiles you need:

And then students would look through the tiles to find the four they need.  I really like that part- they are being exposed to SO many words as they look for the ones they need.  I love all of the visual discrimination that will be taking place, the reading and thinking and sorting... LOVE!

Here's the best part though- it's magnetic!  So, students plunk on the four word tiles and then flip the page up to see if they got the answers correct.

Let's find out how I did...

YES!  You can check out this amazing product on the Lakeshore website.

So, who doesn't love Lakeshore Learning?  Can I tell you that two summers ago the Mr. and I went to the Mall of America.  What a trooper he was to take a vacation to go shopping!  And we went to both Lakeshore stores that were nearby when we were there.  I had never been to their actual store before... it was AH-MAZING!

The best part of this is that they are having a BOGO half off sale right now!  So, when you buy one item, the next is half price!  Just click above to go to the link to start shopping and saving!


  1. Had to comment :)

    We did the same thing with the clip stick. I would advise you to write your name on the back of the clips- they fall off and we couldn't figure out where they went. Also- so far the clips from Walmart work better than the ones from dollar tree.

  2. I changed my clip chart into individual laminated file folders with velcro. Instead of clothespins, each student has a number so I can reuse it next year. Students can carry it from class to class and to special classes if needed. It also keeps the nosy from commenting all day about where each others clips are.

  3. Love the Clip Stick! Great thinking :) I'm so glad you are loving your new school. Have a great first week back!

    EduKate and Inspire


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