Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Brain and Body Breaks

My kiddos are really enjoying these "Action Stories". They are stories you read aloud while students get a chance to take a quick brain and body break to act them out. I was so lucky to come across this laying in the copy room of my school... to the staff member who found it first... THANK YOU!

We've done "Leafy Season" a few times and they always want to do it again as soon as we finish.

If you get a chance, check out the website for the "Action Stories"... I know they will be well-needed breaks for us as the holidays come closer and closer!

PS- Happy 11/11/11... This post got posted at 11:11am just to go along with the theme! :)

Tomorrow I'm headed to Frankenmuth with my girlfriends. I can't wait! Happy weekend, bloggy friends!


  1. I seriously was so excited about 11:11 today and then I MISSED IT!!!

  2. I've looked forward to this forever!!!! Well, maybe not forever...but for a very long time. Now... it's...never to happen again... Enjoy your weekend!

    First Grade Delight


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