Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Snow Day and Giveaway Winners!

I love my job. I do. A lot. BUT... there is just something about hearing your phone ring at 5am on a Wednesday morning that adds a little sprinkle of awesomeness to being a teacher. So, here I am with "Will and Grace" in the background, sipping on a coffee out of my mug I got in NYC this summer, while the sun glimmers off a TON of snow outside this morning! I'm not going to lie... I'm loving it! BUT... I am going to go in to school in a little bit. It's amazing how much work I can get done when there aren't 20 1st and 2nd graders who need my attention! Hahaha! :)

Did you see yesterday's blog post? I'm working on compiling a list of Christmas party foods, games, activities/crafts, and ways to do a gift exchange. I would LOVE to add your ideas to the booklet so we have a HUGE resource we can all use to plan for extraordinary holiday parties for our kiddos! A few people commented yesterday and said they plan to use the ideas as a guide for parents who are planning class parties, which I think is an awesome idea! If you didn't share your great ideas yet, please do! If you click the image below, it will take you to that blog post so you can share your ideas and I'll add them to the final product and share it this weekend. And, don't worry Mrs. Cash... I changed your name in the booklet! :)
Anyhow, I wanted to share the winners of my giveaway for the "Nice and Naughty" Christmas party math game that I blogged about earlier this week on my first post about Christmas party ideas.

So, if your lucky number appears below, please e-mail me at so I can send you your free copy! The game will be available on The Teaching Oasis soon if you'd like to purchase it!


  1. Oh my gosh, am I a dork or what? I didn't even realize I was entering a give away when I responded to that post. I thought I was just giving you a holiday party idea. Oh my. I am so sad to say we don't celebrate Christmas in my school...(BOO)...well, that's still up in the air at the moment with neighboring teachers doing it...but me knowing my principal "doesn't entirely support it" (big, dumb, long story)

    Long story short - you probably should choose another winner!!!!! (unless you think I could use some of the items?!?) I know it's got to be I'm super bummed! :(

    Thanks and SORRY!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Hey!
    I read the document where I shared my pin the nose on santa idea. I didn't mention that the noses are pink felt and there is no actual pinning involved. It's way easier than it sounds. Hope you can clarify!

    Here's another:
    Wrap up a Christmas book really cute. Have the class sit in a circle (perimeter of the rug) Then read Twas the Night before Christmas (any version). Tell them every time you say the word THE they have to pass the gift to the person on their left. The person holding the gift at the end of the story gets to unwrap it and keep it! After they unwrap and keep it, I pull out enough for everyone with the same exact wrapping paper. They all get so excited!!!

  3. Some craft ideas would be terrific! Or parent's gifts.
    I've used die cuts to cut out gingerbread people (use brown construction paper). I send a note home asking that the kids bring buttons, fabric scraps, stickers, yarn, etc. I also have some supplies because I usually don't get much.Then they decorate a gingerbread person. It's so fun to seen their different creative ideas.


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