Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aww... Nuts! {Dolch Sight Word Linky Party}

I'm linking up with Katie from Teacher to the Core to chat about sight words!

As a 3rd grade ELA teacher, I'm not having to work with sight words a whole lot, but we are playing the game "Aww... Nuts!" with 3rd grade sight words in our word work station.

I found these adorable peanut containers at Wal-Mart this summer:

Inside the containers are sets of 3rd grade Dolch word cards that look like this... with all of the 3rd grade Dolch words...
But some say this...

My students pull out cards, read the sight word, and continue... if they pull an "Aww... NUTS!" they must return all sight word cards to the container and start over!

This can easily be a partner or small group game where an "Aww... NUTS!" card means students can steal others' cards or still return cards to the container.

It's a fun way to get that needed repetition!

I also have these cards from Lakeshore Learning, which I believe aren't available anymore...

but if you ever find them, you should *SO* get them.  I have about 8 3rd graders working on sight words from these sets.  They practice them every day during read to self time.  I'm hoping they'll be ready to move on to 3rd grade words soon!

I have the "Aww... NUTS!" game available for all sight words pre-primer through third grade.  You can check them out by clicking each picture below!

So, what are your favorite sight word activities?  Head over to Teacher to the Core to link up!

Also... there's still time to enter my giveaway for either $20.00 worth of my TpT products {Aww... NUTS! anyone?!} or a $15.00 Amazon gift card!

Click the pic to enter!


  1. Great theme with the "Aww Nuts". So cute!

  2. DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my goodness! So cute! You, your blog, your Peanut unit! Cute, cute, cute!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Teacher to the Core


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