Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naked Santa Winner and MORE Naked Santa!

I just did the super-official-ask-the-hubby-to-choose-a-number-thing and he chose 45... so the winner of my "Suit up, Santa" contractions pack is Ms. La Croix!

I'm having WAY too much fun with this graphics set and have made two more packs- one for possessive nouns:
Find it on TpT (where you can still get it for 30% off until midnight tonight!!!)

The possessive noun pack connects with 3rd grade Common Core ELA Standard L.3.2- form and use possessive nouns. 

Today I made one for arrays after I heard my kiddos will be starting multiplication soon I thought this would be a good review for us to do the week before Christmas.  This one connects with 2nd grade Common Core Math Standard 2.OA.4 and 3rd grade 3.OA.3.

So, here it is!
TpT- 30% off until midnight!

I know I should move on and do something else, but I'm feeling very 2nd grade about *almost* naked Santa!  I know my students are going to die laughing... and bet my 2nds would have loved it even more!

In case you didn't hear... because you don't live on your computer like I do... the TpT sale ends TONIGHT at midnight!  Most sellers have 20% off their shops and TpT is giving another 10% if you use the code CMT12 at checkout... and, if you leave your feedback and gain credits, you can get even MORE money off your purchase!  I got $10 off yesterday just in my credits!

My shop will remain at 20% off tomorrow yet for any last minute shoppers... but the extra 10% code ends tonight at midnight!


  1. So cute! I bought that set, too, and can't wait to create with it!

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. I love these " Naked Santa" sets. So Cute! My kiddos are loving the one on possessive nouns!


  3. I blame you for my TPT lunch spending!! THANKS! Nakie Santa is on our agenda today:)


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