Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's a Cyber Monday Sale... Winners... and Something NEW!

I'm jumping on board the Cyber Monday bandwagon over at TpT to offer 20% off of everything in my shop!

And then you can get an ADDITIONAL 10% off by entering the code CMT12 when you checkout!

So- that was item 1 on the agenda.

Item 2...


Over the weekend, I showed you the Christmas Around the World flippy books I made to go along with my Powerpoints...

And said that, if you wanted a set, you could leave your e-mail and I'd pick 2 to win!

I just asked the hubs to shout out 2 numbers between 1 and 77 (very official, I know!) and he chose 62 and 32.

So the winners are...

comment #62- KA and #32- Deb.  I'll be e-mailing you shortly!


Something new!

Last week my students wrote a comic involving a turkey and a possessive noun.  This was any possessive noun they would like... they just had to find a way to work their possessive noun into their comic.  They got to create their own 2nd character and add that to the comic too.

They were SO good!  And they had SO much fun!

So, I created a HUGE set with similar pages so we can do this again!
 Find it on TpT

The possibilities for this pack are endless... in math, they can write a comic to explain the answer to a problem or a different way of solving... in language arts, they can write a comic that contains a certain number of nouns or adjectives or verbs or contractions... they can explain new vocab or practice adding "voice" to their writing... explain the scientific method or a historical event...  Since I'm an ELA teacher only, my brain is swimming with possibilities for ELA and I can't wait to use the comics more in my classroom!

I've just added them to TpT.  The file is actually a zipped file with 2 files inside- one of them is called "Say Anything" and those pages have one character and then students can add another character and their own dialog.  The other file is called "Say Anything for Two" and this one provides two characters so students just add the dialog!

Sounds confusing!

Check out the preview file on TpT for clarification!  The best part is that I'll be leaving it up for $1 off through the end of the TpT sale... so during the sale you can get it for $5 PLUS the discount!

Michelle... the amazing 3am Teacher is hosting a linky party so you can check out everyone's sales!  I hope you'll go link up!

The last part of this blog post is just for me to show off some of my products on TpT for the sale... incase you're in the spending mood!  :)

My current best seller is a set of reading comprehension flippy books...
 Find it on TpT

One of my favorite products that I have is my partner reading pack...  It's so fun!  :)  Check out Tracy's review of it if you need convincing!
 Find it on TpT

Gotta share this one!  I know Open House night is over for the year... but... this pack is AWESOME for getting organized for Open House!  It's fully customizable in PPT and... I just have to say that I love it!
Find it on TpT

The last item I have to brag about is my Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers for Big Kids.  This pack hits CCSS for 3rd-5th grade.  I loved making it and use it often during my ELA time!
Find it on TpT

Ok.  That's it!  Enjoy your turkey day tomorrow!  My 'rents are coming for dinner and then my sis and bro-in-law for desserts... then I'm hitting the stores EARLY and staying out even earlier.  I can't wait!

Hope your holiday is a blessed one!

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  1. I have your predictions, inference, making connections... flip books and LOVE them. Used them to aid with mini lessons for daily 5


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