Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Got some STUFF today!!!!

I made a "Really Good Stuff" order a week or so ago and my stuff came today!!! And it's all really good!

Ok. Here's what I got:

a class set of journals (clearance!)
"Fascinating Facts for 100 Days and Beyond"- a "rip off each day" calendar type thing with a fun fact for the number of the day
6 sets of 4 copies each reader's theaters!- these were on clearance for $2.99 and then rang up $1.99
friendship venn diagrams- figured this would be a fun first week activity and will lead nicely into a writing project
Word Detective Cards- cards with picture cues to help students read unknown words
Jumbled Up Sight Word cards- write on/wipe off cards of sight words... also clearance!
100 Grid Puzzle Write on/Wipe off cards- I'll be using these for one of my independent math workstations

What classroom items do you plan on getting this summer?


  1. I purchased the 100 days facts too! Can't wait to get it. Though I will laminate to use for years to come and put on rings. Also got the Phonics Bongo ladders. My kiddos loved word ladders so I thought these may be a hit too.

  2. Great idea to laminate them and re-use! :) I was going to type each one up and add a graphic and then re-print for each year... but laminating might be a better way to go!

  3. I got the number grid puzzles too! I'm hoping to start math workshop this year so I thought it would be a great station activity :)


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