Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Target Addicts Not-So-Anonymous

You know you're a Target addict when...

*you end up in the Target parking lot without even realizing you turned in
*you have 12 "Dollar Spot" pocket charts (seriously) hidden in your drawers at school and you just like to pull them out and admire them, before putting them away again
*you search out Target stores when you are on vacation

I can't wait to see what you all come up with in the comments! 'Fess up and announce to the world how you first knew you had a problem! :)

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of my latest "Dollar Spot" finds. I got some foam squares... not sure for what yet, but thought they'd be great for some sort of math workstation, wooden pointers, and animal sound and action cards for studying verbs and onomatopoeias! My store didn't have any pocket charts out yet... but you better believe I'll be getting some to add to my collection as soon as I can find them!


  1. I just posted my Target finds today too! hahaha! We do have pocket charts, I still have at least 6 in the wrapper in my closet at school. LOVE the animal cards-we didn't have those!

  2. too funny - my sister was making fun of me for the same thing the other day when I literally jumped for joy upon finding marker/crayon caddies for $2.50 as opposed to $6 at the teacher store!

  3. You know you are a Target addict when:
    -You have dreams about the Dollar Spot.
    -You think of ways to detour to Target every time you are out.
    -You work it into your budget, at least that is what you tell your husband.

    I reach the point every year where I am afraid to go because I know I will spend way too much money. They really found a good way to trick us. Oh well. We love it.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  4. -you think a fun Saturday entails punching "Target" into your GPS and proceeding to visit every Dollar Spot in a 20 mile radius.

    Love the post. Love the blog. Just found you and am a new follower!

    ✰ Mrs. Kincaid
    Mrs. Kincaid’s First Grade

  5. You know you are a Target addict when:
    Your entire spare room is filled with bins, bins, and more bins! And just when you think you have enough bins, you find a new Target to explore and you buy...more BINS!! Seriously, did you all see the tiny little caddies?

  6. Hi my name is Stacee and I'm a Target addict!! I just went to Target today to see if they had their bins out and YIPPEE! they did! I was so excited and they had their teacher stuff too! I spent 15 mins shopping just in the dollar section and spent over 50 bucks! YIKES!!!! It's addicting!
    BTW--I just found your blog--I've been to your class website and love it and now I get to follow your blog! thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas!

  7. My granddaughter used to love going to the Target dollar bin until I got addicted last summer. She would start saying "No, not Target again" as soon as we got close. LOL

  8. I loved reading everyone's deep dark Target confessions! :) Glad I'm not the only one!

  9. OK, I'm right there with you all. I have hit 3 Targets on 5 separate trips in a week and a half and we won't even discuss how much money I have spent. In my defense, my husband is an enabler and kept putting things in my basket (isn't he awesome). I'm seriously considering selling some of my abundance (at cost of course) to my co-workers. It's just all so addicting. Some of my purchases can be viewed on my blog as well. There have been more purchases since. lol

  10. My teaching partner and I attended an out of town workshop. My partner drove and she has OnStar in her vehicle. Instead of finding a place to eat during our lunch break we asked the OnStar rep where the closest Target was! That's when you know you are a Target addict!

  11. You know your an addict....
    U find/shop at ALL the nearest target stores (while on vaca), stalk the 3 targets near home on a DAILY basis, and even have family members calling u when they are at target to tell you what's in.


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