Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phonemic Awareness

Someone left me a comment the other day wondering if I knew of any phonemic awareness books, but now I can't find the comment to reply to that person... so everyone gets to hear about it! :)

Last fall, a friend of a friend asked my friend for my school name and address. When she told me, I was a little confused. I know this person and have seen them many times, but what a random thing for him to ask!

Well, a few weeks later, my curiosity was put to rest when I received a package in the mail at school. Inside was a note from some education guru named Michael Heggerty, letting me know that the "friend of a friend" suggested he send me a free copy of his book to use in class.

Let me tell you- it was a phonemic awareness book and, after just glancing through it, I knew I had been given an awesome gift! The book has 10ish phonemic awareness activities each day- blending, substituting, deleting, segmenting, rhyming, initial, ending, and medial sounds... and it looked awesome!

So, I tried it on my kiddos. And they LOVED it! We added it to our morning meeting routine (or Daily Five Mini-lesson 1, if time got away from us in the morning) and they got so excited when they saw me pull out the "yellow book". My school ended up buying a manual for each K-2 teacher because my kids were having such great success.

Long story very short, here is a link to the book. The yellow book is a 1/2 book and the blue is for K. If you click on the book when you get there, you can view a sample for one week.

I think it's a little pricey, but it is awesome. It is so well organized, practices important skills in a sequential order, and once you get the routine down, it only takes about 8 minutes.

Off to finish my vertebrate flippy and, hopefully, do a little more blogging later. Any pressing topics you'd like to see me discuss?


  1. That is an amazing program. I had a job as an aide in the district where Michael Heggerty worked as a superintendent! Needless to say, everyone loved him there and we all implemented his programs.

    I teach in a private school now and I'm hoping to get my principal to buy the book for me for next year... :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Keep the blog posts coming! This is awesome Christina!

  3. Thanks, Christina! I was the one who originally asked, and I have to admit, this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for to add to my phonics/word study instruction. My district used treasures, which I think really lacks in this area. We also have our own phonics program (which is boring, boring, boring, and that I honestly loathe!). I already supplement with Phonics Dance, so this will be a perfect component to add! Thanks!

  4. Love this book, we use with SRA, and Discover Intensive Phonics (In Title I) ...

  5. Just got my book...woah...way great!!! I use the
    phonic dance along with fountas n pinnell phonics...but this is SUPERB!


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