Friday, August 19, 2011

Facebook Freebie Friday, Updates to the Teaching Oasis, and Class Pics Too!

Don't forget to check out the post about reading interventions that Marygrove College did on my blog yesterday. I would really love to hear what you think!

Ok... FIRST... yesterday I took some updated pictures of my Thursday Book Bag check-out station, my new helpers board, and my new display for bucket filling... here are the pictures!

For the past four years, my students have been able to check out a "book bag" on Thursday that they can take home over the weekend to do with their family and then return on Tuesday. I added five new ones this year and decided to update my "check out chart" too. If you want to learn more about my bags, you can check out my website!

I've already established the fact that I am a crazy furniture hoarder on my blog and I am officially out of room for displaying things... or so I thought. Last year my bucket fillers were on the back of a book shelf but then I rearranged my classroom and a new table that I *had* to have is up against the back of that shelf... so my bucket fillers are on my bathroom door! I got these great pocket charts at Target! You can download some "Bucket Filler" freebies on my website!

This is right next to my bathroom- it's actually the side of my "listening center". I used a 3M Command Hook (best invention EVER!) to hang my bucket and inside the bucket are business cards from Vista Print with the bucket on the front where the kids can fill out their name and the name of the friend they are giving it to. I have them write why they are giving it on the back. I'll also keep the book here for kids to borrow and return.

This isn't really a *new* item, but my old one was falling apart. So, this is my jobs chart. The kids each have their name on a Popsicle stick which goes inside the library card pockets. I laminated it and slit open the library pockets. Want more info? You guess it... check out my website!

Second I also made a Facebook page for my blog yesterday and Alicia from Dreamlike Magic Designs has made me an amazing button for it! When I get 100 "likes" on FB, I'll be posting a back-to-school freebie on my Facebook. So, be sure to head over to FB to "like" my blog page.

That's it! Happy Friday, teacher friends!

**One more thing!** Ms. Winston has been hard at work uploading new resources to the Teaching Oasis today and the class grids for 30 are up! So if you didn't win my giveaway and would like the file, you can head over there to pick it up! There is one for 25 students too but... (shhh!)... I secretly think the 30 grid is cuter! ;)

I just have to say... I *love* you, Dreamlike Magic Designs! Thanks for the super cute blog buttons! :)


  1. Love your site. Target $1.00 items keep jumping in my cart too.

  2. I just posted my job chart today too. I love finishing little things like that!

  3. Love your blog! :) You are so creative! :)
    Crayons and Curls


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