Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three for Thursday and a little freebie!

It's Three for Thursday today and we're sharing our top three fonts, blog, and online resource!

My favorite font

This is tough as I have LOTS of fonts that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have over 1,000 on my computer... I'm addicted! My four favorites are...

My favorite teaching blogs

Another hard one! There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I just love peeking in to everyone's classrooms to see what's going on! I love the sense of humor and "voice" that these ladies put into their blog posts, so three of the blogs I frequently visit are...

And The First Grade Parade... but I don't know if Mrs. Carroll has a button!

My favorite online resource

I really enjoy Proteacher and The Second Grade Teachers' Club... nothing better than teachers coming together to share ideas, resources, and support!

Last... a little freebie!

I brought home a HUGE stack of picture books last night so I could start working on reading and writing activities for the first week of school. Since I'm looping with half of my class, I am *nervous* and excited and creating lots of brand new activities to share with them since they already did a lot of my favorites last year.

One thing that I LOVE to do is read the book How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson. If you've not read it, it is so funny! It's a guidebook of sorts on how to be a huge jerk so you can lose all of your friends. When I read it, I love to be very matter-of-fact about the text and the kids laugh and can't believe someone would even consider doing any of the things in the book!

In the past we've done a class book of how to gain and how to lose friends, but I have two other class books planned for the first week, so this year we are going to do a T-chart of ideas on how to make or lose friends.

I made these "headers" for each column. Feel free to grab a copy for yourself! :)
Tomorrow the Blog Hoppin' linky party is for free resources and I've got a class book to share to go along with the book I Like Me! also by Nancy Carlson... so stay tuned! :)


  1. Your fonts are the exact ones I have just downloaded recently. Great minds think alike! :) Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Mrs. Baindbridge, I used some of your ideas and resources in my classroom this year! I posted about them in the "Where It All Goes Down Wednesday"! Thank you!!!!!

    Mrs. Lopac Teaches...

  3. Thanks! I need to get that book!

  4. Do you know of any good fonts with dots on the ends of the letters?

  5. Hi Carpenter Family Chronicle... I like "PC Dot" or "Cutie's Hand" for a dot font!


  6. Oh I love those fonts! :) I haven't heard of that book, but I definitely want to check it out!

  7. (((bLuShInG)))thanks for the shout out!!!

  8. awe shucks! You're so sweet!!! I am still awe struck that I'm in communication with the teacher whose class website I stalked for like, years!!! You're the best <3

    mrs tabb =)

  9. Oh my word, Christina! I'm all kinds of blushing over here. You're like a teaching celebrity to me!! HA!!! I LIVED on your website {before you had a blog} when I taught 2nd grade!!!! Mrs. Tabb said it perfectly...I'm awestruck :) You're too sweet!!!

    Cara :)

  10. Hooray! oh'boy, Mrs. Tabb, and Cara... you three rock! So glad I came to the "dark side" (blogging!) so I could *meet* you!!!!! :)



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