Monday, August 8, 2011

It's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!- a top 10 list Linky Party!

How fun! Mrs. Tunstall is hosting a "Top 10 Reasons You Know It's Back-to-School Time" Linky Party! Head on over and check out the fun! :)

Here are mine...
10.) I can no longer sleep past 7:00am... Alarm is set for 8:30, but I just wake up at 7! :(
9.) I'm starting to dream about school!
8.) My daily routine of coffee, english muffin, and "The Golden Girls" on Lifetime is getting sadder and sadder as the summer winds down!
7.) I busted out my travel coffee mug to get it all ready for its important job this year! It got a break this summer, but soon it will need to provide me important caffeine in the wee hours of the morning!
6.) A huge grin stretches across my face when I see crayons out at Target.
5.) And speaking of Target... I know it's "Back-to-School time" when my addiction to Target "Dollar Spot" pocket charts arises!
4.) My printer runs out of colored ink every other day.
3.) I'm already practicing my "She's not here" for when I start hearing a million "Mrs. Bainbridge"s when my kiddos get tired at 3:00!
2.) My new teacher bag is already being broken in... had to get it ready for school!
And... The number reason I know it's almost time to head back to school...
1.) My dining room table hasn't seen the light of day in a month, as it has been buried under goodies from Oriental Trading, Amazon, Really Good Stuff, Lakeshore, and (obviously!) TARGET as the orders have rolled in all summer!

What a super fun linky party! I can't wait to read everyone else's responses... head on over to Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to join in!


  1. new teacher bag???? Jealous!! :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I had a dream about the first day of school last night! I think that my brain is trying to tell me to stop setting up my room and start planning!! And my table is a mess, too. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. I always have LOTS of dreams about school and most of them are nightmares! Yikes!


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