Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Math, Math, Math... and a revised freebie!

Today I went in to school and am almost ready to go! Just have to put some finishing touches and do some bulletin boards!

I finished my math calendar wall and wanted to show my pics. I took two- one so you can see where I hang our weekly poem and one that just focuses on the calendar area.

This picture below just focuses on my calendar area. Each day the leader (whoever brings snack) and their chosen assistant lead us in calendar. Here is our routine...

1.) Flip over today and tell us what today is. Tell what yesterday was and tomorrow will be.
2.) Ask if anyone lost a tooth for our tooth tally.
3.) Make a tally for today and count by 5s or 10s... leader choice!
4.) Do the piggy bank. We write on it "We've been in school for __ days and we have __ cents". Then the leader draws a coin configuration to show our days in school as money and chooses three students to share different ways to make that same amount of money.
5.) Weather graph
6.) I give a time and the leader and assistant make it on the Judy clock. The class gives a thumbs up or down to show if it is correct or not.
7.) The strip with the yellow library card pockets is for place value. I give a number and the leader and assistant use cards with digits on them to arrange the number in the chart. We thumbs up or down them, show with sign language if it is odd or even (by making an "e" or an "o") and then I ask, "What digit is in the __ place?" and we go through all the place values.
8.) I read from Rosemary Wells' "Emily's First 100 Days of School" for whatever the day number is.
9.) We do some quick counting and read our weekly poem together.
10.) Then we move into shared writing to get the leader's "news of the day".

I also revised the freebie game "Time Is Up!" that I posted last night because a few people commented or e-mailed that the game would be perfect for them if it were time to the hour or half hour... so here are two more editions (the image of the document below is the old image, if you're confused... but when you click it, you'll go to a revised game)! The top link is time to the hour. The second is time to the hour and half hour... and if you want a more "mixed" set of times, see yesterday's post for the download for that game!

Time to the HOUR game:

Time to the HOUR and HALF HOUR game:

The font I used for the title is called "Guess What". Hope that helps! Thanks for all your positive comments on it yesterday!


  1. I'm interested to know how you made the Calendar?

  2. I love them all. Now I can scaffold the game and "bump" kids up to the next level when they've mastered one. Thanks!
    Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

  3. Thanks Christina! I'll add these to my telling time bin. They're great!

  4. Thank you!!! I can use this with my first graders now! :)

  5. Tenaya~ It's a pocket chart made to be used that way. :)


  6. You are AMAZING! Thank you soo much for the Time to the Hour game!!! You have no idea how much this makes my day!!

  7. Thank you for making different levels of the game. The kids are going to love it!


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