Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A random post- math focus wall and the generosity of teachers

Yes- these two topics are unrelated, but I wanted to share them both today!

First- math focus wall.

I am so thrilled to be blogging for the school I received my Master's degree from! They contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would guest blog for them every two weeks or so! They have posted my second blog entry, which is about my math focus wall. Please please please head over and check it out! Leave a comment if you can! :) Click here to go to my blog entry at Marygrove!

Ok. On to the 2nd bit of randomness... the generosity of teachers!

One of the reasons I love blogging and running a website are all the wonderful teachers I have come in contact with over the years. I know that we may only ever speak via e-mail or a blog comment, but I feel like I know a whole lot of wonderful individuals who share this great profession.

I just wanted to thank one of them...

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Amy T. and it was a box of books... NEW books!... that she wasn't using in her classroom! I am a total book-a-holic, so this was such a wonderful treat for me! She even sent a handmade thank you card! :)

I just wanted to put a shout out and a thank you to her and to everyone else who has brightened my day with a kind word via e-mail, blog comment, book from my Amazon Wish-list, donation to a Donor's Choose project, or even a simple post on a message board. I am so glad that other people can find ideas from my classroom helpful!

Thank you, teacher friends! It always makes me proud to work with such a caring group of people... teachers really are the best!


  1. I LOVE the math focus wall idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Sister Teachers

  2. I have been stalking your website for years! I found it while doing a search for a fraction activity and since then have used several of your ideas and teacher files. I love that you are now blogging and continuing to share. I have passed your name and website onto several people in my building and your wonderful work is everywhere! I remember emailing you and asking you if you slept. Even though you said you do, I am more convinced now than ever that you don't!! Anyway, thanks for sharing. And I love that Amy T! (she started out as a literacy coach in my second grade class two years ago and is now my very dear friend!)

  3. Christina-
    Thanks for the shout out! You are so very welcome! I am glad you will be able to use them!!!!!!

  4. Look at me!!! I finally figured out how to post a comment from ME instead of anonymous! Such a newbie! Baby steps!

  5. It's funny... because I ALWAYS get stopped in the curriculum lab when I'm laminating or something and they wow over all of YOUR stuff! I always direct them to your page, blog, and the Teaching Oasis. They always thank me profusely as if I did some sort of miracle. :) I am so thankful to have found Daily 5 through you and can't wait implement it this year.

    Thanks for all you do. I literally stalk your blog daily and am so excited to have a constant connection to you and all your amazing ideas throughout the year!


  6. Thanks Lacie! :) I know you'll LOVE Daily Five... I'm glad I could help you a little in the "getting started" process!

    Thanks for commenting on my Math Focus Wall blog post at Marygrove's blog too!!!!


  7. You're so welcome! Also let me say that I've noticed that you don't wallpaper your walls, but simply add cute border. I have this fadeless paper addiction and when I'm lucky enough to be in a trailer... I literally cover every inch in paper. Super expensive and time consuming. Thank you for breaking me of this habit! (Only took 5 years!) lol As a matter of fact... I think I'll go blog about it.


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