Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuff-date: An update on STUFF and a spelling FREEBIE!

I posted a few weeks ago about organizing community supplies and table caddies... and got tons of helpful suggestions. Well, I thought I had it figured out... but after filling my future students' seat sacks today with mini-offices, white boards, and math books there was virtually no room left for folders, notebooks, or anything else!

I went online to Lakeshore Learning and found these:

So... way too much money later, I am the proud owner of four of these supply stations- one for each table group. I think they will be perfect... and white boards, mini-offices, and science journals can fit snugly on the rack at the bottom!

Second Stuff-date:

I also asked for some advice on spelling and running a *potentially* student selected list. I'm feeling really crunched for time to organize something new, so I am going to start the year using my old system- running a 1st grade list, a 2nd grade list, and a 2nd/3rd grade list. But *hope* to do some tweaking and implement a new, improved system later in the year in which students will have some ownership over their words. To start, I'm going to have students complete this page for homework during the first week of school. I *may* use these as spelling words for them (one or two a week)... or I might just put them in their writing folders for use during that time. As yet, I'm undecided... what do you think? How would you (or will you!) use it?

Ok... that's it! Have a good week! :)


  1. I think that's a great idea to use in their writing folders! So many times my kiddos want to spell a sibling's name and I have no idea which way it's spelled (I know 5 ways to spell Mikayla now and I bet there are 5 more variations out there lol!). They could even write notes home to their individual family members - how neat would that be?!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Thanks, that's a great thing to have in their writing folders! Awesome idea!

  3. I love it thanks! Does using smiley monster font or one without capital letters ever bother your parents? I get so scared sending stuff home with lowercase letters.

  4. I thought about that too... I don't know! I only recently became obsessed with that font... so we'll see! :)

    I usually put the capital letter from "Elephants in Cherry Trees" in front of smiley monster words that need a capital.

  5. Hey friend... have you or can you share a pic of your mini-offices.... I am rattle-n my brain for ideas on how I want mine to look!!! thanks :)

  6. Im going to send this as homework for the kids first Treasure Unit on Families..Thanks! They can then bring it back and use as a guide for writing.

  7. This is great idea- I will definetly put it in their writing folders! I probably wouldn't use it for spelling only because I try to use principals. For student directed spelling I use words there way


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