Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Exciting Things... Giveaway Winners and an Announcement!

Ok... first of all... giveaway winners!!!!!

By the power of random number generation (which I still can't figure out how to put a picture of on here!)... the winners are:

* #14 Amanda at Frolicking Through First
* #107 Robin
* #83 The Schaffnitt's

And I wasn't paying attention and hit enter again so we ended up with a fourth winner by sheer luck! That person is...
* 32 Kris

Please e-mail me ASAP so I can get these out to you!
If you didn't win... I'm sorry! :( The good news is, the file is available for purchase! It isn't up on The Teaching Oasis yet, but should be by Friday. If you need it sooner, you can e-mail me and we can figure it out together!

OK... the second exciting thing...
Those who have been visiting my blog have seen my posts about my posts on Marygrove College's
LinkMaster in the Art of Teaching blog... and if you followed the logic of that sentence, you are amazing!

I received my Master's degree in reading online from Marygrove in 2009 and had an amazing experience so I was honored when they contacted me to partner with them in the blogging world! WELL... not only am I doing some guest blogging for them, but they are also going to guest blog here once or twice a month!
I am so excited to share the first post with you TOMORROW!!!!!... it's a goldmine full of reading strategies for struggling readers and links to wonderful resources! I hope this can be the beginning of a great partnership with Marygrove to bring their expertise and resources to my blog to share with all of you! So, this is your prior warning that I will be again violating the cardinal rule of blogging by posting two posts tomorrow- Marygrove's and one from me with a few new classroom pictures!

Ok blogging friends... I hope you'll swing by tomorrow and check out the educational reading intervention blog post by my alma mater... and congrats to my giveaway winners! :)


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog and was so sad to read about the fire a few years ago! How awful! Glad all is well now.
    I wanted to share with you some information about BRAG TAGS (plastic laminated award "Dog-Tags"). I have been involved in the printing industry for many years, and have been able to use my contacts and save my daughter's school a significant amount of money on their laminated tag costs. With school budgets being so tight, I wanted to offer other schools the opportunity to take advantage of the savings as well. The costs are over 50% off any other companies making them now! The designs are so fun and you can even personalize or customize make any tag. Contact me for more info and special discounts!


  2. That's so exciting Christina! Can't wait to read away!

  3. That is really exciting! On a unrelated note ... can you post a picture of your writing folders, all set up with your labels/page protectors. That would be great!

  4. yahoooo!!!!! I NEVER WIN!!! Thanks Christina! I sent you an email ;-) And that is such great news about having your Alma Mater guest blog here ... we are some lucky readers!


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