Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some exciting news and a comprehension freebie!

I have joined up with the awesome teachers at Me and My Gang and will be doing some blogging over there too! I am so excited to be able to collaborate with even more teachers! :)

Grab the button so you can keep up with "the gang!"

Now for the comprehension freebie...

I was cleaning out my classroom and found some yellow plastic Easter eggs. Just as I was walking to put them in my "free pile", I thought maybe I should hang on to them... and an idea for my soon-to-be partner reading station was born!

I made slips with comprehension questions that I plan to laminate and put inside the eggs which will be inside a basket at the table. When kids do "read to someone" during Daily Five, they can choose to sit at the table (on a first come, first serve basis) and when they check their partner's understanding, they can do it by choosing an egg if they wish! I also have some run comprehension "wands", so they could choose that too!

Some of these questions will have to wait to be put out as they deal with comprehension skills that I will be introducing... and this will take lots of modeling... but I know it will be super fun for them!

Here's the file! You know how much I love your comments (hint, hint)! :)
I hope to find the perfect basket this weekend and then take pics of my new partner reading table (with my new sign from Vista Print that I'm going to hang from the ceiling!) after I go in on Monday!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love something easy like this for partners to get ideas of how to question each other during Daily 5 read to partner!

  2. What a great idea! I went a bit crazy when Target had all of its Easter stuff 90% off (yes, 90% off!). I bought two carts full of stuff so I love ideas that use eggs and baskets. Thank you!

  3. I love this idea.....thanks for sharing it!


  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yeah! Another way to use those plastic eggs! I was actually trying to decide what to do with an odd pack of them I found in my room when I was working today. Thanks!


  6. You rock! Thank you so very much for sharing your fabulous work! :o)

  7. What a great blog you have, and thanks for your generosity in sharing your files and ideas!

  8. Now I know what I'm using my plastic eggs for!

  9. Great idea. Thanks for the freebie :-)

  10. Yay! I just "found" this post (again) looking for ways to repurpose the plastic eggs from my kiddos. I'll be blogging about it on an upcoming post! :) Thanks, as always, for sharing so generously.

    Hello Mrs Sykes


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