Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facebook Freebie, Reminder, and Clarification {all rolled into one!}

Do you "LIKE" my blog on Facebook?  If not, you should because I just learned how to add a FB Fan FREEBIE page over there... thanks to a tutorial by the lovely Christi Fultz!

I uploaded my first FB Fan Freebie last night and it's a doozy!  Head over  that way if you want to grab it.

Here's a sneak peek...

So, get over to Facebook, like this blog, and download that!

Next... reminder...

The AMAZING giveaway from Barker Creek Publishing ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!  Poof!  Over!  Coach back into a pumpkin and everything.

So, head to that blog post by clicking the pic below to check it out.  It's a good one!

Last... clarification...

Yesterday I posted about Blog Lovin' and got quite a few questions.  Now, I'm no expert and am not really sure what's going to happen, but on July 1st, Google Reader is going to be no more.  Now, this does not impact me as a blog reader because I read everyone's blog by coming to my blog, looking down there on the right to see who has updated lately, and clicking the links.  BUT, if you use Google Reader to follow blogs, you're going to have to switch to Blog Lovin' to get updates.  So... at the top of my blog, is my Blog Lovin' button.  If you want to stay connected and you use Google Reader, that's what you need to do to stay up to date with my lil' blog!

Hopefully that clears it up a smidge!

Happy THURSDAY!  I've been printing and laminating stuff all week and have SO much to show and share on next week's Monday Made-it!  I can hardly wait!

Be back tomorrow with a giveaway winner!!!


  1. I just downloaded your alphabet banner! It will go perfectly with my room this year! I'm going to do black and white with some bright colors thrown in. Perfect! It is so cute! THANK YOU!! :)


  2. I love the alphabet banner!! Thank you!



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