Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Made-It: Don't Break the Ice... Classroom Edition! and a Few Re-Mades!

We had a board game day on the last day of school.  We played Dogopoly, Operation, Sorry, Battleship, and loads more.

One of my sweeties brought in the old game "Don't Break the Ice" and it was the hit of our 3rd grade classroom!  Everyone wanted to play... there was seriously a line to play this game.

It got me thinking about how I could use it in my classroom and this was born...

Don't Break the Ice: Classroom Edition!

You need... 1 "Don't Break the Ice" game, mailing labels, and Modge Podge.  I printed the numbers 1-20 (for our number of spelling words) on clear mailing labels as well as 4 "You Choose".

I printed two numbers per label and then cut them to be about 1"x1".  Then stuck and Modge Podged them on to the ice blocks.

You have to be careful because, the first one I did, I put too much Modge Podge on and the ink smeared off.

Then, I let them dry and... voila!

There are 32 ice block (I think!) and I put something on 24 of them.  So, it's an instant, fun word work activity.

I'm going to have it be independent, just because I don't allow kids to do word work together (Do you?  Should I change that?!).  The student will set up the game, use the mallet to hit out blocks of ice, and must look at their spelling list and spell whichever spelling word number matches the number on the block or blocks that fall.  "You Choose!" means the student can choose any word that is tricky to spell.

I'm thinking this would be great for math facts, sight words, vocabulary, put pictures on there and student identify beginning/middle/ending sounds or syllables or identify sounds, put prefixes and suffixes on and have students give words containing those prefixes and suffixes... so many things!

Here are some other things I've (re)made this week... four of my math centers got a graphics/font/and Common Core overhaul!

A few files have gotten Common Core Alignment Updates and some major updating of fonts, graphics, etc... These make me miss teaching math!  They're so fun! If you've purchased any of these, please re-download!  The tally one got TWO new activities including a classroom hunt!

Number Sense Math Workstation pack on TpT

2-D Shapes Math Workstation pack on TpT

Telling Time Math Workstation pack on TpT

Totally Tally Marks Math Workstation pack on TpT

You can click the Monday Made-It pic up above to check out what everyone else is doing too!

And... a newbie!

I just finished a CCSS aligned narrative writing pack!  We used these ideas when we did narratives in the spring and now I can finally share it with you too!
Narratives are Sweet! on TpT

Phew!  Another giveaway is coming tomorrow!

I got this box in the mail from my friends at Barker Creek Publishing and I'm going to show you what's inside AND let you win one too... starting tomorrow!  If you are an ELA geek like me, you're gonna want to see what's in there!


  1. I love it when sellers go back and revise products, making them better. It's like getting a surprise when I'm surfing my downloads! :)
    I'm Lovin Lit

  2. I love your Don't Break the Ice spelling! What a cute idea! I bet your students will be fighting over it! I just might have to find a way to do that for my fourth graders. LOL! I think even they would love it!

  3. Love your Don't Break the Ice game!! I bet the kiddos will LOVE it too.


  4. Your Don't break the ice game is awesome! I just know your students will LOVE it!

    Karmens Kinders

  5. Your kids are going to go crazy over Don't Break the Ice! Very clever!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  6. Love your Don't Break the Ice game. Such a fun idea!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

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